Never get used to the terror!

Easter is here and this great Christian holiday is overshadowed by Islamist excesses in Swedish Stockholm people fleeing were saved from death. On the streets lay the dead and wounded. One of the Islamists, using the truck as a murder weapon, a bloody massacre. In the Egyptian cities of Alexandria and Tanta nearly 50 Christians lost their lives for their faith. Church service at the beginning of Holy week became a martyrdom. In the Russian city of St. Petersburg as a result of the terrorist attack in the subway killed 14 people. Even football unions are not protected against attacks, as the attack is aimed at players of the team “Borussia Dortmund”. The culprit, apparently, belongs to the Islamist environment. The investigation is still ongoing. And then was still humiliating situation at the Berlin airport, Seefeldt, where “a large group of young men of Arab origin” practiced anti-Semitism.

Be careful with the mechanics of sorrow

The more often one after another assassination attempt occurs, the more balanced becomes the reaction. Compare the shock after the attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo in January 2015 with a shock after the last massacres of the Copts. A tsunami of turmoil turned into a trickle of sympathy. Verbal routine is not working, the tears seem to have already wept, outrage gives musty.

This evil used. Obviously, there are the mechanics of grief. Because it is put at the service of the popular slogan “don’t let them get you down!”, it is accepted and even rewarded. And that she didn’t deserve. It makes us observers and victims, in the medium term, the same cruel, what today are the killers. A shrug is good for the fanatics, because Islamism of the XXI century raised to the rank of natural power. But he’s not. It is made by people and religion. It will not disappear until you change people and religion.

Fear is not a Chimera

Blank is an appeal that we cannot allow fear crept into our society and split it. The society has long been divided, and the fear exists. It is real, it is not a Chimera, not a physical defect, and especially not civil powerlessness of those who admit it. Because of terror policy, which is quite opposed to the helpless terror, has no right to demand from potential victims courage. This kind of moral call to stand under the banner is tasteless and rude.

Not defeat terrorism by increased consumption or good mood, and it can be done with the help of the police and confrontation. Each victory requires that the enemy was identified, instead give them advice on proper behavior. Otherwise — and this is the second bitter conclusion from the doctrine shrugs — in the end the problem will be not criminals but victims. Against the first do nothing, and the rest should pull himself together: this is how submission.

Policy becomes illusory and infantile

Of course, none of those actors who increasingly demonstrate their “solidarity” and “resolve”, does not recognize the semantic emptiness of this talk. However, it is impossible not to hear. Want to move quickly to the agenda. Don’t want to put thorny questions run from criticism like the devil from Holy water. Prefer better not to pry: why Islam has grown global Jihad why Muslims turn into mass murderers, why against Islamism there are no impediments in the integration policy.

So politics becomes a event of type “to make it look like”. It becomes illusory and infantile. We close our eyes to the monsters attacked us in the room. Someone to talk about the loss of trust, satiety, policy, or fatigue from democracy, one must not be silent about these basics of self-denial. This is the third conclusion to be drawn from fatalism shrugging their shoulders.

Easter is it Christian or not

So Easter. This festival is opposed to any sectarian usurpation. He is a Christian or not. Calvary was crucified not God, Muhammad, and the God-man Christ. Resurrection on the third day was for Christians of all times as a precaution. Easter tells not a tale of ever-improving world, and a story of death and hope. This year every day we can measure the distance between them. Holy Saturday is not just a word.