How to teach a child to sleep well without tears and nerves

In anticipation of the firstborn we collect his dowry, develop the nursery learning to relax during contractions. And hardly anyone thinks about the issues of children’s sleep: what duration it needs to be, how to avoid the many hours of rocking him to sleep etc. the Result — a young mother like wet salt: they don’t get enough sleep. And take it as the norm, but in vain. After all, there are a number of tools that will help manage a child’s sleep.

About them at the seminar “the 10 rules of healthy children sleep”, held at the Metropolitan family center “BA-Boo”, said Olga Semeniuk, chief operating officer of the Center for children’s sleep and development BabySleep, consultant in children’s sleep.

Olga Semeniuk. The conductor’s dream


Conductor of of sleep in our body — the hormone melatonin. The guy he belowany. So, he needs the serotonin, which we get from the amino acid tryptophan. It contains, in particular in dairy, fish, meat products. The second point: that the child slept well at night, it needs enough time to be in the light. But the most important condition — the outer darkness in the bedroom, because under the action of light destroys melatonin. So let your light sleeps with you. Turn it on only as needed.

But often without lights at night in the apartments light: do your work lights and auto lights. Here come to the aid of blackout curtains: they will not allow any ray of light to penetrate into your room as long as you do not want. They are useful not only for the production of melatonin, but in order that the whole family could sleep on a summer morning when the sun rises early and wakes the baby. By the way, that while on vacation you are not together and I woke up at 5 am in a hotel room that has no blackout curtains and blinds, take a foil or large black bags and stick them on the Windows. This art project will also help to put the child to bed at 20:00-21:00, when the window will Shine the lights of the hotel discos.

But if you even with the soundproofing does not work out, come to the aid of… noise. White or pink. First — level background noise, resembling the sound of a womb. It can be a recording of the rain, currents of a mountain river, etc. and white And pink noise contain frequency that distinguishes our ear. But the signal strength differs. The white she at all frequencies the same. And pink if you increase the frequency the signal strength decreases. What does it mean? In pink noise, the low sound more intense and louder than high. An example would be the sound of a flying helicopter. You will immediately distinguish pink noise by ear. He’s a lower deep than the white. Only comply with safety rules: the sound source must be located no closer than three feet from the head of the child and its volume should not exceed 50 decibels. To create, for example, white noise may be the dryer, but the program on the phone more convenient. For example, you know that at 7:00 you start building outside the window. Not to run to close it, command the phone to start making noise at the right time.

From 6 months you can give your child the “sleepy friend”. It is important that he never played with him during the day. To do this, think of a story: let your child know that when he hugs his “Snowflake”, it comes to sleep.


Opens your eyes to the process of laying to sleep the knowledge of one simple fact. We are all with you during the night Wake up during the change of sleep cycles. Adults these mini-pobudok usually do not feel. Another thing is the kids: they need to recreate the situation in which they fell asleep. That is, if your pups fell asleep sweetly on your chest, the night he will have to give and not because he is hungry, but because that is the nature of his dream.

Accordingly, if you were rocking before bed, you’ll have to repeat it in the middle of the night. So the “to swing or not to swing?” — it is obvious. But the question arises: what to do when it is nearing midnight, and sleep all there. Consultants-abilitare answer: to catch a window in the land of nod.


Experts have calculated, how many children of a certain age should sleep and how much awake. To catch a window in a dream, that is the time when it will be easiest to put to sleep (it may be only 5-15 minutes), you must know the time of wakefulness (WB).

The smaller the baby, so it is accordingly shorter. For example, in newborns it may be only 40 minutes. This is now the WB should be divided into two phases. The first — time for all sorts of activities, gymnastics, trips to the pool etc.. the Second is a period when you need to give the nervous system of the child to pritormozite, tune in to the dream (remember, the inhibitory processes Mature at different children at different times (5-7 years), so from the state of fighting in the sandbox to put a small child you are a very long way).


  • How to create the perfect sleep for baby

You can read him books, let him look for treasure in cereals, in General, offer him activities that don’t excite, but rather soothe. The second phase of the WB should take his third. That is, if WB is 3 hours, then 2 hours you allot for active play, and the hours help the child to calm down. And in this period need to be constantly near him, to watch him and not to miss the primary signs of fatigue (PUF): changed the look, rapidly became uninteresting game, started to yawn.

By the way, after 6 months babies can hide. Guided by time. The moment you spotted these foam and has a window to sleep. If his “catch”, it is sufficient to take, for example, the child in his arms and shook him on the fitball and it is 5 minutes fall asleep. If decides to secondary signs of fatigue (tired when the baby starts to cry, be annoyed), then the process of laying may take 40 minutes.


American Professor mark Weisbrot engaged in the study of problems of baby sleep and wrote about it the book is over 600 pages, made an interesting observation that sleep begets sleep. That is, the less the baby sleeps, so it makes it worse. As soon as you have to baby his age sleep the allotted time, he / she will sleep better and more.


Consultants for children sleep have no right to assign any medicines and to solve problems falling asleep, are associated with malfunctions with health. “For example, the baby may disturb hypertonicity, teeth, problems with the tummy, and he sleeps poorly, says pediatrician family clinic “Amed” Elena Shvets. — So be sure to inform your pediatrician. It will help to determine the cause of the condition, and, if need be, will send to more narrow specialists, such as neurologist”.