How much more output is necessary to Ukrainians in 2017 and how to take a vacation so that wages rose

This week began for Ukrainians from the output. Day in honor of the Trinity, postponed from Sunday to Monday and the working week reduced to four days. In 2018 this legislation, officials plan to cancel all the official holidays, besides the Trinity and Easter (these dates each year to coincide with the resurrection).

In the summer of 2017, the Ukrainians will rest an extra two days – June 28 and August 24. The next holiday only in the autumn – October 14, Ukraine celebrates the Day of defender of the Fatherland. Given that this day coincides with Saturday, the day off will shift to Monday. The website “Today” found out how much the Ukrainians will rest this year and how to take a vacation and not lose part of their salaries.

What weekend are put in 2017

According to article 67 of the Labor code, if a public holiday coincides with a Saturday or Sunday, the day off is transferred on Monday. As a result, the Ukrainians in October will rest for three consecutive days – from 14 to 16 October.

How many more weekends this year:

  • June 28 (Wednesday) – day off, Constitution Day
  • August 24 (Thursday) – closed, independence Day
  • October 14 (Saturday) – day off, the Day of defender of the Fatherland

Only in 2017 will be 11 weekends in conjunction with holidays, weekends 105. If we add to this the 24 day of vacation, it turns out that Ukrainians for the year and the rest 140 days is 38% of the whole year. A large number of holidays is hurting country’s economy, I’m sure the ex-the adviser to the Minister of economic development Jaanika Merilo. “In Ukraine there are such phenomenal – permanent weekend, and then wonder why the economy is not growing. Special absurd – the transfer of jobs and output. If the holiday fell on a weekend, it should be noted the additional output. Maybe we are a world leader in the efficiency of labor? Or emerge the leaders in terms of GDP, so can afford it? Though and real world leaders can’t afford regular holidays,” wrote Jaanika Merilo during the Christmas holidays in Facebook.

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Note, in most post-Soviet countries for the year falls 11 days off in honor of the holidays. An additional 13 weekends in Russia, and Austria. 14 output – in Spain, Malta. By the way, Spain is one of the first places by the number of days of holidays among all the countries of the European Union. In addition to the statutory two-day “weekend”, the Spanish daily rest two or three hours after lunch (during Siesta closed most shops and public institutions).

In 2018, some holidays and plan to cancel

The Institute of memory a few weeks ago presented a bill according to which the calendar of holidays for Ukrainians will change dramatically. If the document will support parliamentarians in the next year instead of 11 days of holidays there will be only nine.

March eighth and ninth of may remain holidays: concerts and official events not cancel plans, but weekend these days will not. “Because of the celebration of national holidays should contribute to the recovery of the historical memory and the formation of national identity of citizens of Ukraine, the state status can claim only those dates and events, which correlate with state and cultural history,” explains the document.

In addition, transfer output, which coincides with a Saturday or Sunday, will not (except on weekends for Easter and Pentecost).

What will be the output:

  • The day of memory and reconciliation on may 8
  • Constitution day – June 28
  • Independence day – August 24
  • Day of defenders of Ukraine – October 14
  • New year – 1 January
  • Christmas – January 7
  • Easter – the date changes
  • Holy Trinity day – the date changes
  • Labor day – may 1

In addition, the calendar will be new festive (but working) days. For example, the Institute of memory proposes to legalize a long list of sad days.

When is the best time to take a vacation

According to the law, leave the Ukrainians paid for by the employer. However, one day of vacation pay less than one working day. It is connected with the peculiarities of calculation of vacation pay. To calculate how much to pay for one day of your vacation, you need to calculate their average salary per calendar day over the past year. For example, the Ukrainian, with a salary of 8,000 hryvnia and the working week, Monday to Friday within one working day earn 400 UAH. And one day may get 266,6 hryvnia (taking into account that the salary for the last year has not changed).

If you take a vacation from Monday to Friday (five days), the monthly salary will be reduced from 8,000 to 7330 UAH. And if you take vacation for a full week, you can expect to pay in 7866 hryvnia. If you vacation for nine days (from Saturday to Monday, “capturing” two Saturdays and two Sundays), the salary per month of vacation will be even higher than custom – 8400 UAH. So, if instead of five vacation days to use nine (including the weekends before and after vacation), the salary will increase.

Recall each employee on leave of 24 calendar days. According to article 12 of the Law on holidays of 24 days can be divided into several parts. The main part of the leave should be not less than 14 calendar days. If over the past year, the leave is not used, the next it can be transferred only by agreement with the employer. In this case, after the dismissal of all unused vacation kompensiruet money. For example, if you work for 13 months and during that time never to go on vacation, and then quit, the employer is obliged to pay compensation to 26 vacation days (two days for each parabotany month).

By the way, the weekend in honor of the holidays the duration of leave are not counted. If, for example, to take a vacation for seven days from August 19, you can relax a week and eight days (August 24 day off in honor of Independence Day).