Bellingcat have shown a new photo of “Beech” shot down MH17

Bellingcat published a new picture of “Buk” shot down over Ukraine the MH17 on 17 July 2014. The picture was taken before the disaster and confirmed that “Buk” is assigned to the Russian 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade under number 332, according to Bellingcat.

“On a tip from Twitter user @Sl0zhny the Bellingcat team was able to detect the “missing link” of the photo, which shows labelling of oversized cargo on the “buke 332”, taken to its transport in the column in June 2014. In a photo taken by the Russian mechanic, probably in the spring of 2013, see “Buk 332” with the same white vehicle markings that were visible on it in the Ukraine shortly before and shortly after the Downing of MH17. Is this picture “Buka 332″, in which a fully visible tail number and markings of oversized cargo, — the recent shooting of us discovered, taken to its transport in the column in June 2014, when the second digit side of the room was already painted”, – reported in the Bellingcat.

White numbers marking the center of mass and oversized cargo in this photo are in the same places as on the photos and videos from “Buck 332”, filmed in Russia in June 2014 and in Ukraine in July 2014, experts say.

Compare the markings on the same side 332 of Beech from July 2012 to 2014. Some pictures taken at an angle, in a given comparison were deployed to align the size of the markings. Because of the parallax marks on the white side flap tracks look in different places, although in reality they are one and the same place

Specialists have found that photo mechanic was filmed in the Park equipment that can be installed on another photo taken there and loaded a cadet in August 2014. In this photo you can see the pink container for missiles “Circle”, and picture “Buka 332”, filmed as a mechanic. This photo has a geotag in the technology Park of the 53rd brigade in the village of Marshal Zhukov at Kursk. The accuracy Georiga confirmed by comparing the elements of the picture to a satellite image.

A camera icon indicate the approximate position of the photographer who shot the photo mechanics. The white square indicate the approximate position of the mechanics. Green starlets marked the position of the two plants, “Beech”, including “Beech 332”

Bellingcat was able to establish the identity of the mechanic and discover some of its pages in social networks. On one of these pages there is a picture of “Buk 332”, on the other — two other photos, also present in the album of 2015. These photos, one of which is visible to another installation “Buk”, and the other was a special purpose machine, was uploaded March 31, 2013. The third photo, which shows the self-propelled launcher 9А83 complex “s-300” was uploaded on the 20th June 2013. On other photos uploaded to 31 March 2013 and 20 June 2013 are not visible to the place of his work as a mechanic of military equipment.

Picture of one of the pages of mechanics in social networks, downloaded March 31, 2013, where it sits on the Buk missile

“Bearing in mind that all these photos were leaked 2015 in one album, and nezamazannymi conditional license plate number and the information obtained by the journalist of RBK Inna Sidorova, it becomes clear that this photograph almost certainly was taken in 2013, although there is a small probability that it was made in the spring of 2014”, – concluded the analysts.

Recall, 17 July 2014 ujlf in the sky over the Donetsk region, Russia-backed terrorists shot down the “Boeing” Malaysia Airlines, carrying out flight Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur. The plane was hit by anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”.

All 298 people on Board were killed. The vast majority of them – 194 passengers were citizens of the Netherlands. The plane crashed in an area controlled by the militants. The bodies were transported to the Netherlands for examination. On July 24 Ukraine delegated the investigation of the plane crash to the Netherlands.