Male infertility can be detected using a smartphone – the scientists

For the diagnosis of male infertility you can use the smartphone. A special handheld device developed by scientists, and details of the development outlined in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

As notes the edition, the special device consists of a housing with an optical element and a replaceable cartridge with a capillary tip and a rubber balloon. There would be a semen sample, and the device is attached to the smartphone.

Then the gadget is installed a special program for the analysis, which determines the number of sperm and their mobility.

It is noted that the developers have already tested Fertilex 350 semen samples and found that the accuracy of these indicators is 98%.

The cost of consumables, scientists estimated $4,45.

It turned out that the device is very simple to use – 10 volunteers without special training, successfully tested more than 100 samples of sperm. The developers hope that Fertilex will be a good home alternative to laboratory tests, which require time and often money.