How to properly and effectively do the exercises at home: exercises and tips

Developed abdominal muscles and a flat stomach give the figure aesthetics and sexuality. Everyone wants to be the owner of a six-pack, but it requires a lot of physical effort and compliance with diet. You need every day to do a few simple exercises to achieve good results, according to


Lie on your back, bend slightly flared legs at the knees so his feet remained pressed to the floor. Palm to place on the back of my head, but if the level of fitness is low, they may be placed along the torso. Lifting the shoulders and torso, strive to reach the right shoulder to the left knee. Pausing for a few seconds, return to starting position, then repeat for the other side.

Lifting legs

For inflating pack abs is helpful to raise thigh. Lie on the floor on your back, hands behind head or extend hands forward. Lift the leg at an angle of about 45 degrees. The movement should be smooth, in the upper position linger for a while, then slowly lower legs to the floor.

Simultaneous lifting of the arms and legs

To be inflated and the relief of cubes to learn how to perform the following exercise for the press. It can seem daunting to beginners, because it requires appropriate training. Lying on your back, extend hands. Gradually raise straightened legs and hands, aiming at the top position, reach your fingertips to lift the feet. After touching you need to wait a couple of seconds and take your original position.

During the training process it is important to take into account that abdominal muscles recover pretty quickly, so the training load should be regularly modified. It is better to train daily, performing 15-20 repetitions of each exercise. Of course, the novice athlete should not be subjected to too much strain, otherwise on the following day the muscles will start to hurt. Better gradually and taking pleasure in training.

You need to give time to get involved and a little patience, do not set the goal to achieve relief of cubes for a week. It will take quite a lot of time, as exercise will start to give pleasure and improve mood because of the released into the blood endorphins. The first workout can consist of 3-4 exercises, each to perform in three approaches.

Gradually the number of repetitions can be increased, bringing to the recommended 15-20. To the relief of the abdominal musculature is constantly increasing, the need to train the upper and lower parts of the abdominal muscles. Then you can expect faster results. With the right approach, strengthening the press and the portrayal of the long-awaited cubes will start after about 4-5 weeks of training.