The mother of the military killed in the Donbas, won a lawsuit against Russia

The mother of the military Yaroslav Kostishin, who died in the Donbas, won court against Russia. As reported, the decision on the recovery of the aggressor state the amount equivalent to 60 thousand euros in favour of Maria Kostishina February 7, was attended Ivano-Frankivsk city court.

This is the second court, winning the family. Last year in the lawsuit against Russia was filed by the wife of the deceased Svetlana, who with two daughters living in the urban-type settlement of Yarmolyntsi, Khmelnytsky region.

Yarmolinskaya district court adopted the decision on collecting from the Russian Federation in favor of the widow Kostishin and his minor daughters amount for moral and material damages equivalent to 189 thousand euros. Then the Russian side did not appeal.

If within ten days will not be appealed the decision of the Ivano-Frankivsk court, it will enter into force, and the family will have the legal basis to require enforcement of the judgment.

To force Russia to pay, Maria Kostishin considering to apply to the European court of human rights. However, according to the woman, it is necessary to have a positive decision is not a court and not by one family.

The document was published on Facebook Andrey Senchenko

At the same time, there is another way of getting money from Russia. After the decision will come into force, it is possible to transfer the State Executive service, which can seize accounts or property of Russian companies on the territory of Ukraine, to sell it, and out of the proceeds to pay compensation.

Lost major Jaroslav Kosterin was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, was a career military officer, served in the army since 1998.

According to mother, Yaroslav went to the front on command.

In the East, Jaroslav perform combat missions, was commander of the post positions at the Donetsk airport. Died March 29, 2014 during execution of military duties in the plant.

After the death of Yaroslav and his wife joined the ranks of the APU under the contract. She currently serves in the military unit in yarmolyntsi.