European prices without the service: how much it costs to have a baby in Ukraine

This Thursday, June 8, people’s deputies must vote in favor of medical reform in Ukraine. The first change hospital. Now the cost of bags with clothes and drugs that Ukrainian women must carry to the hospital, considerable. The list of needed in Ukraine, there is linen in the house, and a thermos of tea, and even ordinary rags. Also need things for the baby – diapers, and the like. On average, it costs about 4, 5 thousand hryvnia, writes TSN.

The cost of the so-called “contractual delivery” ranges from “who may” to a particular fee, and an average of 10 thousand hryvnia. The highest price in Kiev – 26 thousand UAH. On average, for the labor “of the mother” has to pay two salaries.

In Italian maternity lists do not give, but nevertheless the cost of “bags mothers” is about 400 euros, or about 12 thousand hryvnias. In General, childbirth in Italy costs one average salary.

There is hell, which the Ukrainians and Italians here similar gifts to doctors. “When the doctor is not the next, and chosen you, you have to make him a separate gift. I didn’t pay, but I know that the cost of a single chamber and childbirth have chosen a doctor worth 2 thousand euros,” – said the Italian Sara Guglielmino.

In Germany mothers also collect bag with necessary, but not necessarily, because maternity has everything for the baby and mother. It is covered by insurance that pays or the state or the employer. In the case of the expectant mother Julia Slyadnev basic childbirth are covered completely, but she wanted more.

“Going to give birth with my midwife, which has led me during pregnancy. She goes to the hospital to give birth, and she will lead me the first time after birth,” said Julia. This service policy does not cover. And it will have to pay 650 euros. However, she notes, it’s neprinuzhdenno. But rather luxury, small luxury, which it decided to afford.

In Poland, women in childbirth are accustomed to free childbirth without “gratitude envelope”. And in addition, give nice gifts in the maternity ward – complete with diapers, different creams, etc., the Medical revolution in Poland started from maternity wards. Here introduced national insurance, which operates alongside private. Everything is included in the basic package deliveries are provided free of charge. Free give birth regardless of citizenship. Additional charge for single room only on request – from 1.4 to 3.5 thousand UAH.

More about the newborns and their mothers care in the United States. Natalia Ashikhmin, which should give birth in two months, said that the birth will go without any anxiety suitcase. “Anytime, anywhere once the water is gone, I’ll go to the hospital. Immediately available hospital bed and everything you need, and all that is necessary to the child, since pads for women and diapers for the child, ” said Natalia.

These services are free for holders of green cards and US citizens. They are covered by health insurance. In the US the insurance card pregnant you can make one phone call. It is only necessary to say that she is pregnant.

In Kiev, too, can be free to give birth, but for this it is necessary to go on cunning. If a preliminary agreement about childbirth it is necessary to pay, in the case that the woman brought “fast”, – it is not necessary. “The trend for the city of Kiev – 70% ambulance brought. And 30% is agreed,” – said the chief doctor of the hospital Nazar Butting.

The health Ministry claimed that after the introduction of health reform the insurance will cover the salaries of midwives, medicines, diapers and other things needed with a basic set of mothers.