Fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh: Baku stated about the death of a military

Azerbaijani soldier killed on the line of contact in Karabakh in the shelling, according to the Ministry of defense of the Republic.

“The eleventh day of February in the shelling of Azerbaijani positions by Armenian armed forces on the contact line in Karabakh were killed Sergeant Gafarov Fuad Farhad oglu” – informs the Azerbaijani defense Ministry.

Armenia and Azerbaijan on 2 April 2016, said the worsening situation in the Karabakh conflict zone, defense Ministry of Azerbaijan reported, in particular, the attacks by the armed forces of Armenia, the Armenian defense Ministry has said it is “offensive actions” from the Azerbaijani side.

The parties to the conflict on April 5 announced a cease-fire, however, periodically accuse each other of continued attacks.