Trinity-2017: the history of the holiday, many weekends and what not

In Ukraine Orthodox Christians celebrate Holy Trinity Day, the fourth of June – 50 days after Easter (Pentecost). The feast teaches on a Sunday, so the output will take on Monday, the sixth of June. As a result, this year the first weekend of the summer will last three days. Christians believe that the feast of the Holy Trinity established by the apostles in honor of the descent of the Holy spirit. They, as the Church teaches, and left the tradition to remember this day every year. The website “Today” to figure out when and how the Ukrainians will celebrate the Trinity in 2017.

What kind of holiday

Trinity is one of the main Christian holidays. Orthodox Church observes it on the 50th day after Easter (given that Easter is the first day), and the Western Christians on the 57th day. In this fourth day of June, Catholics celebrate the feast of the Holy Trinity.

At Trinity, Orthodox Christians remember the descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles, which, according to the teachings of the Church, promised them by Jesus before his ascension. The descent pointed to the Trinity of God. It was at this point was founded the Catholic Apostolic Church.

The icons of this event is depicted with the presence of the mother of God. In the New Testament does not specify whether the mother of God was with the disciples of Christ at the moment when the Holy Spirit came. However, in the Acts of the apostles says that after the ascension the apostles were in prayer “with some women, and Mary the Mother of Christ…”.

The icon of the descent of the Holy spirit. Photo:

The Trinity in the Orthodox churches all over Ukraine will be the festive service. And the day before, on Saturday evening, will host an all-night vigil. From this day in the churches of the first to read the prayer “o heavenly King”. Same with her Orthodox Christians begin and private prayers.

Week from may 29 to June fourth is called “green.” At this time people decorate with herbs and flowers from their homes. In addition, according to the old beliefs at this time out of the water mermaid. In the old days girls wove themselves wreaths after the service and lowered them into the water. As a sign of love some gave wreaths to the boys. Grass, cut at the Trinity, are dried and decorated their house. It was believed that it will protect the building from storms.

The Church condemns any divination, but it does not interfere with the Ukrainians on Trinity Sunday “read the date”. Woven hand-the wreath was lowered into the river – which way to swim out and wait for the groom. If the wreath remained on the shore – the marriage is soon, and if you sink – you’re in trouble.

At Trinity, decorated with flowers and herbs not only for houses but temples.

What not to do at Trinity

Like any Sunday, Christians do not suggest the Trinity to work and clean the house. Allowed only the most necessary – to feed the cattle and prepare food on the holiday table. But to get a haircut, weave, knit, embroider – it is impossible.

The villagers this day is traditionally a rest. According to legends, those who plow on the Trinity, the cattle will fall. Those who sow, hail beat the crops. Those who are spinning wool, sheep get lost.

In addition, you can not swim in rivers and lakes, according to legend, a mermaid can go ashore and get to the bottom of the person. Bad omen is otgulyat wedding on the 50th day after Easter, but well – spoken.


Recall that next year, if developed by the Institute of memory will support the bill parliamentarians, the day off on Monday to transfer will not. Innovations have caused a strong reaction in the Ukrainian society, said the head of the Institute of remembrance Vladimir viatrovych. Thus, the Agency has received 672 complaints from public organizations, trade unions and political parties, with a request to listen to their position. Under public pressure, the Institute took the decision to leave the Monday after Easter and Whitsuntide holidays.