In the US, massively destroy the statue of the discoverer of America: photo & video

The Americans, the protesters continued to smash the statue to Christopher Columbus

After Richmond, where the day before protesters against racism were thrown from the pedestal and drowned in the lake the statue of Christopher Columbus, the monument to the discoverer of America desecrated in two other American cities.

First, the statue is piled up in the city of St. Paul – the monument with the help of a rope tumbled down from the pedestal, which stood near the Minnesota state Capitol. Police did not interfere.

The state’s Governor, Democrat Tim Walz called the ambiguous role played by the seafarer, but urged the protesters not to break the law.

Also went to the Columbus in Miami, Florida, where his statue on 10 June outlined with red paint.

Statue of Christopher Columbus in Miami. Photo: REUTERS/Marco Bello

And on the eve in Boston, Massachusetts, a statue of Columbus once again beheaded. In this regard, mayor Marty Walsh announced plans to move it to the vault.

“We in Boston do not condone any acts of vandalism, it needs to stop. We intend this morning to remove the monument and place it in the vault to assess the damage caused to him,” said the mayor.

Video: Reuters

Previously, the monument repeatedly was exposed to attacks of vandals in 2006 he was beheaded, and in 2016 – spilled paint.

In the last year in the United States discuss the role of Columbus in history, as the discovery of a whole continent ultimately led to the destruction of indigenous American peoples.

Protests in the US began on 26 may with the city of Minneapolis, where on the eve of the African American George Floyd died as a result of the rough arrest of white police officers. The action quickly spread to many other American cities, then the riots, looting and looting. According to us media reports, the number of protesters is increasing every day. In the end, the four officers who conducted the arrest, was fired and charged with manslaughter.

Against this background, the protests spread to Europe – in Belgium demanded to demolish the monument to king Leopold II, known for his conquest of the Congo.