Parnikov published the interesting detail in the arrest of Zhadan in Belarus

Well-known journalist and Eckert Vitaly Portnikov considers the works of a popular writer Serhiy Zhadan – a demonstration that the Ukrainian language may live and grow, and this is something that is important for Belarus, where the native language is driven by the development company. This opinion he expressed in his newspaper column on “Radio Liberty”.

“One of the most famous in Ukraine and one of the most significant for European writers detained, law enforcement officials of a neighboring country “for his involvement in terrorist activities”. This is not the Belarusian and Russian language. Strictly speaking, Zhadan denied entry into Russia, not in Belarus. But Belarus and Russia are in a common visa space and the Belarusian law enforcement agencies are acting in symbiosis with the Russian FSB. It formally. In fact, we are dealing with another lie, you have to pay attention,” he said.

The author also stressed that the recent press conference Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has made a sensational confession. “There is a “blacklist” of citizens from all over the world who are denied entry to Russia and Belarus. Lukashenko said that in this list a million and a half names, and Belarus account for “only” a hundred thousand. Check all other citizens is prohibited by the Russian Federation. Lukashenko promised that even after his country’s visa-free regime for EU countries and North America Belarus will not allow its territory to those who do not like Putin,” — said the expert.

In addition, the journalist wonders whether in this list the name of Serhiy Zhadan. “No, not there. Because if this name is — you are simply not allowed to the territory of the Republic of Belarus. As, incidentally, has happened many times with Ukrainian journalists and human rights defenders. This means that the surname Zhadan was included in the “black list” of undesirable persons after Ukrainian citizens crossed the state border of the Republic of Belarus. And made at the request of the Russian side, the Belarusian otherwise the police would have never referred to “black list” neighbors”, — said the representative of the media.

In his opinion, this means that the territory of Belarus is under the scrutiny of the Russian intelligence services, so anyone who comes to this country, can count on the attention of agents of the FSB, which literally overflowing Minsk, and attention to their Belarusian partners, many of whom are informants of Moscow.

“If you understand this, it becomes clear, how is this “pending” execution and why it in recent weeks for Ukrainian immigrants from the East. It is understandable why the Russian special services annoying everyone who tells the truth about the Donbass. For a country that declares “heroes” sadists “Givi” and “Motorola”, this really is a real resentment, the undermining of shameless propaganda. And Zhadan — so this is a “living bomb”, a real “terrorist”, — said the expert.

He also said that Zhadan — a popular writer and performer, whose performances are admired among young people, one of the organizers of Maidan in Kharkiv and a man who proved that even in a big city, which for decades was subjected to Russification, Ukrainian culture can become fashionable.

“For the Empire all this is a proof of its inevitable death, the demonstration of the failure of all efforts made to turn the conquered peoples into a submissive herd “Russian-speaking”. It is clear that the Empire doesn’t want to die. It is clear that she wants Zhadan soon left the territory, which it still controls. Imperial Russia does not need Zhadan. And Belarus Zhadan need because it is a true ally of the Belarusians,” said Portnikov.

As reported, Belarus lifted the ban on entry to the Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan.

We will remind, the Ukrainian poet Serhiy Zhadan was detained in the capital of Belarus and interrogated about “terrorism”. Ukrainian authorities have reacted to the arrest of the writer.

First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in Belarus Maria Gutsalo told that the writer today veeram will return to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry had summoned the Ambassador of Belarus to Ukraine Igor Sokol in connection with the detention of Belarusian competent authorities of the Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan in Minsk, the press service of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.