The Ministry of justice told the good news in the Crimea

The legal position with evidence and facts which unequivocally refute the false comments of the Russian Federation that the European court of human rights has no right to hear the first case in the court of the occupation of the Crimea. This was stated by the Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko.

“And we have good news: the European court of human rights has officially confirmed the adoption of our legal positions on the first case of Ukraine against Russia on the facts of illegal violations of human rights in Crimea. On 27 March this year we sent a huge package of documents and the position where we refute all the positions of the Russian Federation. Just recently, a week ago, the European court officially sent a confirmation of acceptance of this legal position,” he said.

The Ministry of justice expects from the ECtHR’s approval of the procedural graphics in the rst case and all the following countries. According to the Minister, to the European court of justice is also a new practice because such large-scale and high-volume unprecedented in the content evidence of cases the European court did not listen.

Petrenko reminded that Ukraine has initiated five cases to the ECHR. The first case concerns the requirements of Ukraine regarding human rights violations during the illegal occupation of the Crimea. The second case concerns the illegal export, and in fact of abduction of children-orphans on the territory of the Russian Federation.

“The following cases relate to events that concerned massive violations of human rights in the territory of Donbass from actually Russia and its accomplices. The volume of these cases involve tens of thousands of documents, a large number of witnesses,” the Minister concluded.