Fees in Ukrainian: where and how many clubs will be preparing for the spring part of the season

Winter vacation the teams of the Ukrainian Premier League came to an end. First after the holidays returned Karpaty players – 9 Jan. Yesterday at their club bases gathered the players of Vorskla and Dnipro, today will begin training in the spring part of the season of “Star” and “Alexandria”, tomorrow – “Shakhtar” and “Olympic”, Saturday – “the Dynamo”.

Later all the work will come back “dawn” – a meeting of Luhansk slated for January 16. By this time some of our clubs will be foreign charges. And most teams in the Premier League will be in a familiar and time-proven location – on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. “This year, prices there were significantly lower than last season. Because, due to a certain instability caused by, in particular, attacks that go there is much less European teams, – told the “Today” Ukrainian organizer fees Nikolai Wyderka. – So, a year ago, the cost of a two week training camp in Turkey for the delegation of 40 people was around €35-45 thousand, now a good collection can be organized for €25-30 thousand Is in January-February and March will be even cheaper.”

However, as told recently technical Director of “Karpaty” Taras Gordienko, may arise and additional costs – because of the demands of the Turkish side to bring to service encounters exclusively local arbitrators. And payment of the referees on one match is in the order of €1 thousand “Turks are the letters I write every year – soothes Wyderko. But we believe that this requirement applies only to the official international friendlies: those that sell tickets, invite TV and reported to UEFA. If the Turkish referee to invite all the friendlies, that they just physically does not reach such amount of qualified arbitrators. However, there are at this time, along with the teams, spend their charges, and judges from different countries – Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians, Moldavians, Slovenes. And ready to serve the games involving their countrymen for absolutely free. So it was in the past, I do not think that now something will change.”

Interestingly, for most of our teams to the training area habitual and almost native speaker of: for Karpaty, it Antalya, of Steel” – Belek, for “Dawn” and “Vorskla” – side, for “Alexandria” – Alanya. And the Ukrainians, as a rule, do not change not only the selected cities, but even of favorite hotels. But Kropiwnicki “Star”, which also originally planned training camp in Turkey, announced that changes plans in favor of Cyprus.

“This pleasure will cost them twice as expensive compared to the stay in side or Antalya. And with sparring partners there things worse, – says Nikolay Wyderko. I see only one explanation: they are invited to his viewing lots of African players, and the Turks hard to open visas for Africans. I even remember a case back in the mid-2000s, when a famous African footballer of the Moscow “Spartak” could not get a Turkish visa and spent training camp with the youth team.”

But our giants Shakhtar and Dynamo – winter fees will be traditionally hosted in the Pyrenees. According to Nicholas Wyderko, price of a two-week training camp in Spain for the delegation of 40 people starts from € 68 to 70 thousand people of Kiev, as a year ago, to Marbella fly is not only the basis (including returned from lease “Alexandria” Roman Yaremchuk), but the U-19 team. Junior Pitmen will travel to Belek, Turkey.

Wages are paid infrequently. Not play-based, trauma – consider yourself thrown.

Meanwhile, the Turkish media continue to “Woo” your team of Ukrainians. Yesterday, talking about a possible move to Galatasaray Dynamo Khacheridi for 4 million euros. Meanwhile, the agent of his teammate Fishing, Vyacheslav Sahowala, warned the players transfer the clubs in the country: “Salaries are paid infrequently. Not play-based, trauma – consider yourself thrown. All clubs financially tied to the payment of royalties for the sale of television rights. The money goes to them at the end of June, in the best case. So be patient… At the end of the season, your agent will receive an offer, namely 50% of the salary at once or nothing at all”.