Strategic confrontation in Iraq and Syria

The military and political establishment in the US have long been thinking over what would happen if all of the events in Iraq and Syria to neglect. Thinking about it, he comes to a disappointing conclusion. United States may be forever excluded from the strategic game in these vital middle Eastern countries. Even the thought of it for US unbearable.

The partnership of Iran, Russia, the Syrian government and resistance forces in the fight against terrorism and extremism, which is considered a weapon used by the US, the West, the reactionary Arab regimes and the Israeli Zionists for the strategic objectives in the middle East, has brought very significant results.

Liberated Aleppo. Created a unit of safe settlements around him, fighters cleared the areas of oil production in the East of HOMS province and the strategically important regions North of Hammah. Released outskirts of Damascus, Eastern Guta, and neighborhoods adjacent to the airport areas of the West ghouta and the key strategic settlements of the East and West Calluna.

The victory of government forces of Syria in the center, North and South of the country over the terrorists, which the US and Western countries provide considerable material resources and weapons (though any results, this support is not visible), America is totally unacceptable.

In Iraq, the United group of forces Hashd al-SHAABI after fighting that lasted eight months, the freed Mosul. Completed military operations in the old quarters of the city and much of Nineveh province, which is close to the border with Syria and in al-Anbar province. There liberated the whole territory down to the last boundary of the village near Abu Kamal. On the horizon loomed the prospect of complete defeat ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.).

All of the administration’s plans trump and the Pentagon, the UK, the Zionist governments of Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and also some leaders and political groups of Kurds will not have any prospects in the event of complete destruction and defeat of the terrorist forces.

The actions of American, British, French and Jordanian military, concentrated in the border areas of Iraq and Syria, is extremely clumsy. Their maneuvers are performed near the location of the terrorist groups, numbering in Jordanian territory several thousand fighters. She held close to motorway Damascus-Baghdad with the support of several military bases in the Northwest province of al-Anbar in Western part of Nineveh province near areas that are inhabited by Syrian Kurds. It all together — a strategic plan for the occupation of the territory, which, like a Crescent, the need to secure Syria along its southern, Eastern and Northern borders.


Occupied this land, the United States hopes to gain additional benefits at the Geneva talks and at the same time to create conditions for the separation of not only Syrian but also Iraqi territory. Promotion group “Hashd al-SHAABI” and Iraqi government forces towards the Syrian border, and wipe out ISIS forces, as well as the promotion of the Syrian government forces and their support groups in the direction of the Iraqi border is another strategy — the early liberation of the territories on both sides of the border, still under the control of ISIL and other terrorist groups.


If this strategy succeeds, it will deprive Americans of all trump cards. In this confrontation between the two strategies in the border zone visible elements not only military but also psychological conflict. Americans clearly do not wish to carry this battle too heavy losses and therefore have enormous difficulty when trying to prevent the forces acting on both sides of the borders of Syria and Iraq.


All trump was able to negotiate in Brussels, that NATO support in the implementation of reconnaissance flights over Syrian and Iraqi territory. Military agreements, which are concluded between the US and Saudi Arabia, is clearly not enough in order to make available to trump the levers necessary to conduct a full-fledged war. It’s fairly inert and “pessimistic” the support of the European countries does not help solve the problems that interfere with its strategic plans.

This is the reason for the probable causes of the evacuation of us military units of several outposts and bases on both sides of the Syrian and Iraqi border. But if this information is confirmed, the Americans will have to deal with a calm and decisive offensive forces that are already on the territories of two neighbouring States and which have calculated all the possible results of the collision with the us military. And the main target of these forces will be those few thousands of Americans who are now concentrated in Iraq, Syria and adjacent territories.

Hadi Mohammadi is the author of Explorer edition Javan