The scientists formulated male requirements female breast

The large size of the female breast in men is welcome but does not always guarantee success. The fact that men prefer Breasts with a clear form, which, in their words, “worth it.” But large Breasts are drooping under their own weight, not particularly attractive. This was stated by scientists, interviewed 267 men.

It big Breasts is associated with fertility – high levels of estrogen, a female hormone that is responsible for a curvy shape. The shape of the breast can also be a symptom of fertility: the younger the woman the better form. According to the evolutionary approach, it should stimulate male libido, reports The Daily Mail.

In principle, different men like different size Breasts. But most choose the medium size. On the second place on popularity – a large chest. And all men have in common is that they prefer a smooth chest. In any case, with age, the density and elasticity of the breast is reduced.

Earlier it was reported that the Busty lady with a natural bust concentrated in the United States. There are many of them as among white, and among black citizens.

The Asian and African women recorded the smallest Breasts. In Asia lead the Turkish, the last in the total ranking was Filipina, they are a resident of Malaysia, Bangladesh, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Mozambique.