Physical aspect that can ruin your sex life

Many men and women after 30 years there is a small “tummy”. And if they don’t pay attention to it, the fat on their waist will gradually and inevitably accumulate in 40, 50 and 60 years.

England’s chief medical officer, Sally Davis (Sally Davies) announced last year that 80% of men and 90% women over 50 years of “dangerously broad waist”, which increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Alas, there is no doubt that a larger waist can make big trouble to your engine.

People usually laugh, noticing how they gradually get fat and gain weight. But the increase in waist is certainly not an indication that you are in good condition.

It can also affect your sex life. If you are a man, and the sides settled on a few extra kilos, your sexual potency is in danger.

The connection between erection problems and excess weight established by the legendary American researchers masters and Johnson who did it in 1971. They wrote about it in his book “the Sexual disabilities of man” (Human Sexual Inadequacy). It’s amazing, but then she paid no attention.

At the end of the 20th century British and American men continued to gain weight. As soon as they gain weight, erectile dysfunction they have happened more often.

In 1990-e years have appeared the Viagra. It seemed that this and other drugs like Cialis and Levitra solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, which has grown to epidemic proportions. But it soon became clear that they do not solve all the problems related to the weakening of male potency.

Now doctors realize that it is better to eliminate the real cause of sexual dysfunction, rather than trying to establish a sexual life with the help of strong tablets.

But what is the main cause of problems with erection? The fact that with age our arteries are coated with a “bloom”. Because of this reduced blood flow and blood flow to the male penis. But if blood flow is insufficient to achieve an erection a man is not easy.

Viagra and other drugs expand blood vessels, supply blood to the penis, making an erection in men comes easier. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary effect, lasting only a few hours (Cialis is slightly longer).

But what factors are causing the notorious “scum” on the walls of blood vessels and reduce blood circulation? There are several:

• weight;

• lack of physical activity;

• high cholesterol;

• Smoking

Our own clinical experience indicates that excessive weight is a particularly important cause of erectile dysfunction. We are not just faced with the fact that men who are overweight have problems with erection. Some of them tried to lose weight and this has a positive effect on their potency.

In 2004, scientists from the University of Naples published in the Journal of the American Medical Association article, which said that examined 110 men with obesity at the age from 35 to 55 years, suffering from erectile dysfunction. Within two years, forced the Neapolitans to eat less and more exercise. In the end, test subjects lost weight about 10%. In 30% of sexual function improved. Mind you, not all, but more than 30%.

Subsequently, scientists from the University of Florence conducted another study and found that of the 2 400 Italian men suffering from erectile dysfunction, 58% are overweight. The researchers found that the bigger man male, the lower his testosterone levels. But if testosterone level is low, to achieve good erection is extremely difficult.

Recently, scientists from Adelaide University conducted a study examining the overall health status of several hundred Australians. Many of them was erectile dysfunction. But when they started to eat sensibly and to lose weight, erectile dysfunction disappeared in 29%. Again, this is not 100%. But the result is still good.

But let’s not deceive ourselves. If you get rid of spare tire around the waist, it does not guarantee you a powerful sexual potency. But it’s still useful. And from the point of view of the General condition you will be less likely to develop type II diabetes, hypertension to high cholesterol levels in the blood, a heart attack or stroke. Yes, and your appearance in the bedroom will be much more attractive.

From the point of view of your partner is an important factor. As we said one patient, “if your husband is like a big and clumsy walrus, when he turns over in bed, it’s usually death kills passion”.

Honestly, many women incredibly helpful to so fat the guys, pretending not to notice what they fat. But it still leads to confusion. And sometimes they also gossip about their partners. Can you remember what one woman said about making love with a certain high-ranking politician: “It is as if you dropped a wardrobe from protruding from the key”.

While we are talking only about men. But it helps if weight loss women their love life? There is no single answer, but a preliminary study Dr. Katherine Esposito (Katherine Espo) in Italy indicate that weight loss, coupled with the healthy Mediterranean diet helps some ladies to solve their sexual problems.

So if you are trying to get rid of extra pounds, do not leave their attempts. This way you can save not only your sexual relationship, and his own life. Visit the clinic where treated diabetics, take a walk through the wards, where patients after a heart attack or stroke, and you will see that excess weight can be dire consequences — and not only in the bedroom.