A letter trump, James Komi Republic in Moscow, things are even worse

President Donald trump stunned Washington, dismissing FBI Director James Komi (James Comey) in the midst of investigating alleged ties between members of his team and Russia. Letter informing of resignation and was delivered the personal bodyguard of Mr. trump’s Keith Schiller (Schiller Keith), has already been published, but in the hands of the FT reporters came the original, unfixed version of this letter.

Dear Director, Komi Republic,

Over the past few days I’ve spent several long, detailed conversations about your future with the attorney General and with State-law, Vice-President, the First daughter and the First whale. I just received a letter from the attorney General and his new Deputy who recommend me to dismiss you from the post of Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation. I could get these letters before, but Keith had to pick up my dry cleaning.

And I have no regrets I listened to their recommendations. Thus, you’re finished. IN CON CHE. Hasta la vista, baby. (Perhaps you expected me to say to you: “You’re fired”. But it’s a new show. New show — new expressions.) You are immediately removed from office. You will not have access to your documents, your phone is already turned off. And don’t even think to come to Mar-a-Lago this weekend.

I gave you a chance, mate, although I may never forgive you for what you did to Hillary. You destroyed this beautiful woman who wanted only to serve our country. Just for that, I wanted to dismiss you immediately, on the first day, but I was told that you are a good guy and deserve a chance. But you blew it. All completely ruined. None of your family members have never stayed at the trump hotel in Washington, although it is a beautiful hotel maybe the best hotel ever built in the capital. I don’t know — I’m completely out of business, but say so.

You failed to do a good job. You have four months to prove the existence of ties between members of my campaign staff and Russia, and you failed. Failed. You informed me on three different occasions that I don’t are under investigation. And I meet with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia in the White house — and you still can’t connect to? You can’t. Mike Flynn, by Paul Manafort — what do we need to do? To tell you the book of our ciphers? And all my posts on Twitter — you have not tried to compare every sixth letter with the text of Ephesians, Chapter 5? Eliot ness (Eliot Ness) for a long time would have guessed. Eliot ness much better would have coped with this work. By the way, he was already dead, but he still would have coped much better.

And you did a bad job, comrade. You have done nothing. A few weeks ago I pointed out to you that Obama was listening in to my calls, and you are unable to find a single lead. You were the star witnesses such as the President of the United States — and Sean Hannity (Sean Hannity) but you still are unable to close the deal. You even publicly contradicted me, although you know perfectly well that by law the President cannot be wrong.

And it’s not your first mistake. The attorney General found three villages in Kenya, which would be Obama, but you have been unable to find conclusive evidence. Couldn’t.

Some will say that we got rid of you because of the investigation. But I need a Director who can cope with the tasks, the Director who is faithful to me, the Director, on whom I can rely. You hoped that because of your endless investigation you can not be dismissed. But this White house to fire anyone. Except that whale. Keith can’t be dismissed.

You asked me to give you more money so you can continue your baseless and outrageous investigation against me. I can’t turn on the TV without hearing out there about you. Jake tapper (Jake Tapper) speaks only of you.

I thought you understand that this is my show. Understand that the star here — I. But you fill them too much airtime. That is why I told Jeff Seshns (Jeff Sessions) and other writers that you have to leave.

But I’m not too upset. You will have the chance to perform on television. As soon as you write your book, Anderson Cooper (Anderson Cooper) will invite you at any time.

Could be worse. Says Sergei, if it was Moscow, now you would have been lying under a dropper with polonium.

I wish you all the best in your future career in television.


The US President Donald trump