Strategy for chaos: the failure of the West in Syria

Syria, the third of seven cards of the American “hawks” (after Iraq and Libya), did not foretell anything unusual, given the first two extremely good moves.

The first move, Iraq, almost destroyed the entire deck: the intricate machinations, arrogance and lack of trust in the authors were errors that could not be repeated under any pretext.

The second course was in comparison just a cakewalk, especially because of his confidence in aspiring to the fame the Frenchman, who in vain thought, what really is at the helm and decides to do something. In turn, the Syria of Bashar al-Assad was a long time ago the selected target (on the preparation of the operation it was rumored since 2009) because he had an annoying pain in the ass to Western interests given the marching at the moment of negotiating a major Qatari Contracting (here was opened the prospects of lucrative energy deals in Europe), its exclusive access to the Mediterranean basin (a necessary thing for anyone who wants to take control of trade), unpleasant friendly relations with Iran and Russia as well as hostility with Israel.

Unlike Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, the Syrian leader is not just going to let yourself to displace with the international arena. But why change the plan if twice that already failed? As a result, the basis was again taken old scenario of rampant demonization and indirect war (under the guise of human rights), which had so great work.

I mean, everything went on the thumb the way, not counting small variations.

First stage: preparation of public opinion the accumulation of the propaganda lies to demonize your target. After the bloody Saddam and the madman Gaddafi was the turn of Assad-the poisoner. It was a consciously chosen and highly effective angle of attack, which was repeated and presented under different sauces for several weeks, including our Minister of foreign Affairs. And he, like everyone else, was unable to provide any convincing evidence of its allegations.

“I know it’s from the French secret services, who received this information from British and American colleagues,” he said. And it says the head of French diplomacy…

The result: we send people to protect the civilian population from pseudoterpna that it is not fired (in contrast to “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra”* what wrote the French press) and anything we have not asked for. As we did not ask people to arrange the intervention, push in the force, “al-Qaeda”* and to overthrow its leader (Yes, Assad is a really strong and popular leader). How is it, shout, puppet, we’re doing this for your sake and for the sake of human rights! In addition, take a look at “Syrian” demonstrators in Paris and listen to the speech of immigrants from the Arab world Institute (there is enough one look at their CV and friends from the Persian Gulf) who are talking about democracy etc.

All of this we’ve seen…

Second phase: this time, Bernard-Henri levy (Bernard-Henry Lévy) waiting in the wings was not, but there is a friend of Laurent Fabius (Laurent Fabius)! Foreign Ministry opens its doors to come of the tales of the valiant rebels. All this is just in our interest, thinks the Minister. Let’s equip and encourage them, and to hell with legitimacy. We will stay out of the way, and they (in fact it was about “Jabhat al-Nusra) will make a “good deal”.

This something is innovation in relation to the events in Iraq and Libya. We, the French, having an Embassy (i.e., eyes) in the country, declare that so well versed in everything. There are “good” and less good rebels, who (as we eventually explain) mutated into fundamentalists and jihadists…

But we’re talking about diplomacy, not the Marvel movies… even if it may seem to you quite incredible, the principle of “the grosser the lie, the better it is accepted” has received the widest application in the stupid diplomacy of our militant left.

The aim was clearly to preserve the original fiction (the overthrow were gassed the people of a dictator) and to hide the true motives (to protect the trade interests of our oil companies and Persian Gulf monarchies).

Thus, we obtain a net (our) and dirty (Syrian) bombs, clean and dirty news (I think you yourself understand everything), good and bad witnesses (some local religious leaders, particularly Catholic, it was practically impossible to obtain access to our media, while others are defending a different point of view, went on a real tour with a friend Fabius)…

Fake videos on YouTube from Aleppo with the participation of bloggers, who perfectly played the role afraid to die under the attacks of the victims…

Good and bad executions and massacre of civilians (“Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” — the good rebels).

This is not to mention “good” and “bad” shelling of hospitals (via the well-known principle of ethical bombs)…

Good job, says Fabius. All this, with reports of pseudocercosporella who rewrite information from the clouded offices from the suburbs of London, and themselves do not exist in the scene (the Newspapers of our billionaires in a crisis and to plug holes in their budgets have Qatar and you, the taxpayer).

Third stage: after this presentation, brought to its knees the whole nation, Putin went on stage and utters a prophetic speech at the UN in September 2015, listing and condemning the hypocrisy, lies and connivance of the West, including IG*.

Employing its troops in the conflict, he puts on this twisted the game a blow from an unexpected quarter.

In France all are on the ears, as if he saw the devil, Levi urgently uncovers the camera. In Syria, all far less dramatic: people get freedom, the regime strengthens, Christians thank Assad and the Islamist fanatics are retreating.

The worst humiliation: neocolonial dropout from Washington and Paris, departing from diplomatic game by a clever stroke of Moscow, assisted by allies of Damascus and Tehran in a roundabout way gets there in Ankara.

The Western coalition has dumped the remnants of reason out the window, when he reached the funding and arming its own worst enemies. Now she just flies out of the region, where only engaged in spreading chaos, but also exposed to ridicule the other coalition, which, of course, plays dirty game called war, but at least makes it clear.

“Dzhabhat EN-Nusra”, “al-Qaeda”, ISIS terrorist organization banned in Russia.