Workout in a gym: the rules for girls

The same exercise has the same effect on both men and women. Despite the abundance of information, there is no such thing as male or female workout.Any exercise that is suitable for men, can be just as effective for women, writes

Very often girls think that only guys need to train with heavy weights and perform difficult exercises. The limit of the girls “exercise for toning”. It is not so. Muscle tone is a result of the actual structure of the muscle size that are not formed during the restorative workouts, as well as the loss of a sufficient amount of fat, making them more visible (toning exercises and that do not contribute).

Light weight, exercise equipment, and other typical methods of women’s training, for the most part, does not have any noticeable effect. The stories that men’s training is aimed at creating muscular while women’s workout form is “elegant and toned” muscles are fake too. Some exercises form muscles, others not. The third is not given women the process of muscle building is no different from that of men.

Don’t be afraid to become big and muscular

Fear will prevent you to achieve the desired results, forced to spend time on ineffective workouts, “will protect” from a difficult exercise and will prevent a perfect body.

You have heard of testosterone, right? Often called the “male hormone”, although it is produced and women. It testosterone plays a crucial role in how much muscle a person can build and how quickly it succeeds.

The physiological structure of women won’t let them become too big and muscular, regardless of effort, unless, of course, not to use steroids, as do women bodybuilders.

Building muscles is a gradual, step-by-step process. But for some reason many girls think they are not only quickly made like men, but significantly surpass it. Believe me, the natural way to achieve this is impossible.

The level of muscle mass in men and women of different

For men who regularly attend the gym, the average speed of increasing muscle mass is 100-200 g per week. For women – twice less.

Men are genetically programmed to an effective increase in muscle mass can gain a maximum of 200 g of muscle mass per week. And most of them have not mastered even this mark. Usually a young person, having overcome the stage of a beginner, rejoices and 3 pounds of muscle gained over the year.

The average woman afford to build only 400 g of muscle in a month when perfectly prepared food plan and regular training.

Don’t stop

Ask yourself the question: what kind of body you want to have? Most girls dream of aligned, tight, toned, athletic, but at the same time, feminine and sexy body. To obtain it, you need to gain muscle mass, so frequently and intensively to train and eat rationally.

Regardless of whether you are male or female, young or not, there are things that work the same for everyone.

The problem is that girls rule out compound exercises and free weights. They’re not even trying to progress by holding a weight in a few months so do not achieve the desired results. And all because of the fear of the “big, muscular body.”

Of course, this does not mean that you need to raise tens of kilograms, as do young people, however, in the absence of contraindications and under the supervision of a fitness trainer, you should gradually increase the load. Progressive load is the basic requirement to build muscle, and achieve results.