Brie, cheddar, Camembert or Parmesan: TOP 6 unexpected benefits of cheese health

The usefulness of the cheese is sometimes questioned because of high fat content. But this is not true. According to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, States that, despite the high proportion of fat, cheese has no adverse effect on cholesterol level in the blood.

“Research clearly demonstrates the important benefits of cheese health and prevention of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer”, – quotes the New time nutritionist Arne Astrup of University of Copenhagen.

Prevents liver cancer

Eating cheese can prevent cancer of the liver and increase its health, according to a study of A&M University in Texas. Study in particular showed that aged cheeses such as brie and cheddar, have the potential to increase lifespan by 25%.

Such action is illustrated by the presence in the cheese of a chemical compound called spermidine, which helps to prevent liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common type of liver cancer.

Strengthens the immune system

Conducted in 2010 a study showed that eating a piece of cheese every day can potentially have a beneficial impact on the immune system of the elderly.

Scientists from the University of Turku in Finland found that probiotic cheese has the ability to prevent age-related deterioration of the immune system.

In the study, volunteers aged from 72 to 103 ate one piece of means the placebo or probiotic Gouda cheese for Breakfast for four weeks. At the end of the study, the researchers found that those who ate probiotic cheese was recorded a clear strengthening of the immune system.

“We have demonstrated that regular consumption of probiotic cheese can help strengthen the immune system and that including it in a regular diet may help improve immune response of elderly man on external issues,” said one of the study’s authors, Dr. Ibrahim Fundy.

Prolongs life?

In 2015, scientists from Aarhus University in Denmark found a link between cheese consumption and a long and healthy life. They began exploring the concept of “French paradox” – the fact that the French tend to live long and healthy, despite the consumption of foods high in saturated fat.

Among the French there is a low incidence of coronary heart disease and average life expectancy is 82 years, while they consume up to 23.9 kg of cheese per year. For comparison, the British, who eat 11.6 kg of cheese each year, twice as many suffer from cardiovascular disease, and their life expectancy is 81 years.

Scientist Hannah Bertram compared the analyses to those whose diet consisted of only cheese, or only milk or butter, and found that patients who ate cheese, showed high levels of butyric acid, enhancing metabolism and reducing obesity.

Bertram explained that the results confirm the Association between consumption of cheese and of “French paradox”.

Prevents tooth decay

A study conducted by the American Academy of General dentistry, showed that the cheese not only makes the oral environment more alkaline (which reduces the need for dental treatment), but also creates a protective film around teeth.

The researchers divided 68 children into three groups. One was asked to eat a daily portion of cheese, another helping of yogurt without sugar, and the third is to drink a glass of milk.

They measured the pH levels before and after the test and found that those who had eaten the cheese, has rapidly increased the level of pH, while those who ate the yoghurt or drank the milk, the figures haven’t changed.

“It seems that dairy products benefit the oral cavity. Dairy products not only are healthy alternative snacks, rich in carbohydrates or sugar, they can also be considered as preventive measures for oral cavity”, – said the representative of the press service of the Academy of General dentistry, Dr. take care of him-Hee Ri.

Helps to get rid of excess weight

In 2009, a group of Australian researchers claimed that a diet that includes dairy products such as cheese can help you lose weight people who are overweight.

Researchers from the University of Curtin in Perth asked 40 volunteers to go on a diet with a reduced calorie, eat more cheese, yoghurt and skim milk.

They found that those who consumed three to five servings of dairy products per day lost the most weight. Also they had lower blood pressure, less fat in the stomach and they significantly improved their chances of avoiding heart disease and diabetes.

“Many people commonly believe that when losing weight dairy products are key foods that they have to remove from your diet because they contain a lot of fat. But research has shown that when trying to lose weight people can actually benefit by increasing the amount they consume dairy products,” says lead researcher, Dr Wendy Chan She Ping Delfos.

According to her, the inclusion of cheese in the diet will help reduce blood pressure, and will increase the burning of abdominal fat.

Makes you smarter

A study of American and Australian scientists found that those who regularly consume dairy products, including cheese, milk and yogurt, have better mental ability than people who never eat dairy products.

The researchers asked 900 men and women undergo a series of cognitive tasks to test their visual-spatial, verbal and working memory.

It turned out that those who scored the most points, is also regularly consumed more dairy products.