Zebrowski told how Russia is helping the rebels in the Donbas

The head of the Donetsk HAV Pavlo zhebrivskyi, the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said about the financing is not government-controlled areas of Donbas.

“We clearly understand that today the so-called “tax” so-called “DNR”, “LNR” – enough to swear. Yes, they peel of the business turnover, but the key financial resource comes from Russia”, – he said.

According to Zhebrivsky, “according to his estimates, Russia is the contents of this site are approximately $ 3 billion per year. Today, it’s all the bureaucracy, teachers, doctors, taking many pensioners. Some things can be directed, for example, on the road.”

“Very much stolen as “local officials” and those Russians who sit on these financial flows, and they are interested in. Decreases when the amount of financial resources, then, of course, you need to show aggravation – he commented.

According to him, the second reason is “can be any “war” between a flow of coal or other things, the redistribution of economic belongings. This economic factor is either the aid from Russia so-called, or the redistribution of financial flows, which is within the so-called “DNR”.