More and more Ukrainians begin to pay taxes in Poland

In Poland in the first quarter of this year 227 thousand Ukrainians have paid taxes to the social insurance Office (ZUS), which is more than 90% in comparison with the previous period. It is reported by the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, reports

Note that only in Poland officially has more than 330 thousand foreigners. Ukrainians make up 68% of that number.

“In sum, in the first quarter of Ukrainians were 227 thousand, Their number is growing faster (in the first quarter the number increased by 90%, as compared to the first quarter of 2015 – four times)”, – notes the edition.

In addition to Ukrainians, the popularity of Poland also enjoys among Belarusians and Moldovans (60%) and Hindus (40%).

The wound was reported that the launch of a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU on Polish-Ukrainian border will increase the number of refusal of entrybecause of a visa-free regime will try to take advantage of the face, which previously could be refused entry at the stage of obtaining a visa.