Invalid historical raiding Putin on how to act in Ukraine

Yesterday’s mention in Paris that Anna — Russian — not the first attempt of raider capture of the Ukrainian state and historical values of our heroes… And the cap of Monomakh, taken during the war and never returned, and plundered museums and libraries, and burnt the Church and the new monument to Prince Vladimir, more known in Moscow as “Russian Prince, who baptized Rus” is a Russian Imperial plunder, which we persistently do not notice, reducing everything to the midst a Facebook jokes.


The reasons for this behavior Putin a few, but the most important of them is the poor historical legacy of the Russian Empire… She wants to steal Ukrainian roots to add to his historic age and depth, solidity. And due to the fact that the historical center of Russia is in Kiev, Putin deliberately and bit by bit trying not only to steal our territory, kill people and steal a story that from a historical point of view it may be even worse.

Necessary at the national level to perpetuate the epochal pages of our history. It does not focus on Bandera and Shukhevych. The Kremlin during their promotional campaigns using their names to “bind” the Ukrainian exclusively to Western Ukraine.

The beat is deeper and stronger: to make movies, to paint, to put the Opera, to organize exhibitions about Anna, Vladimir, Yaroslav, Monomakh and other public figures who have left civilization inheritance and ruled at a time when Russia was no more than ecological reserve with lack of signs of civilization..

You need to strike at the Foundation of their Empire, or rather lack of it.. now you can Not swallow is the historical raiding, otherwise after some hundred years, we will be forced to prove their right to be called Ukraine, Ukrainians and owners of their land, history and cultural heritage…