In Ukraine, wages fell

In April 2017, real wages in Ukraine on a monthly basis, that is, compared with March fell by 2.3%. This is evidenced by official statistics.

At the same time, in annual terms, compared to April 2016 – real wages rose by an average of 20.7%.

The nominal average salary in Ukraine amounted to in April 6 659 UAH with a minimum salary of 3,200 hryvnia. It is also less than it was in March:

We will remind, in March the government of Ukraine declared the growth of wages in the country finally got ahead of rising prices.

At the same time, the results of the survey “Rating”, saying that Ukrainians barely make ends meet, but the UN does estimate that 60% of Ukrainians are below the poverty line.

Nominal wage tariff includes salaries, premiums, bonuses, allowances, payment for unworked time, and also obligatory payments of the tax to incomes of physical persons, military training.

Real wage characterizes purchasing power of nominal wages, given the change in consumer prices for goods and services and the level of taxes and mandatory payments.