How to distinguish the delicious strawberries from the “plastic” TOP 5 simple signs

Strawberry season is in full swing. But to buy a tasty berry is not always obtained: sour, tasteless, or even some kind of “plastic” taste.

The website gathered a few tips that will help avoid mistakes when choosing the delicious strawberries.

1. The smell

First and foremost, you should pay attention to when buying strawberries is, of course, her scent. A good strawberry is a rich, bright aroma, without any external impurities. If the strawberry smells slightly, most likely it was grown using chemicals.

2. Color

“Right” the strawberries should be bright red and slightly shiny. The berries are a dark Burgundy color should be treated with caution: unscrupulous sellers could tint them to give the presentation. Pale, sometimes green strawberries not worth buying: after the berries are plucked from the garden, they will not ripen.

3. The size and shape

There are many varieties of strawberries, so any General recommendations about what size and shape should be of berries, no. Do not chase too big a strawberry: it is possible that it pumped water to give volume. You also need to pay attention to dents and other damage — these berries have already started to rot.

4. Leaves

Much about the quality of the strawberry can tell the frame and leaf. First of all, a piece of paper just has to be the strawberry does not keep long. Second, leaves should be dry. The reverse says that the berries have been sitting on the counter for a couple days. The color of the leaves should be deep green. And another tip from the experienced: strawberry, which is between the leaf and the base is the distance likely to be sweet. If the leaf clings to the base firmly, berry will be a little sour.

5. Seeds

Another interesting way to visually assess the quality of strawberry is to look at the seeds. The farther apart they are located and the more buried deeper, the sweeter the berry. Of course, the scientific evidence at this trick no, but it’s interesting to try.