A new kind of war

Apparently “virus-extortionist” was struck by many private computers. System various institutions in some 120 countries were victims of this robbery.

E-terrorism can have different features and methods. For example, in the terrorist attack in new York and Washington in September 2001, training was also used global network. But neither at the international nor at the local level, special bodies are unable to decipher or to trace the source of attack. However, hackers use a different approach.

If we want to know more about the scale of the incident, then, of course, resort to some primitive ideas or comparisons.

There is nothing wrong. Turn your computer into a unique phenomenon, not only because more people can not do without him, but because it’s a creation of their hands, he began to control all aspects of life and even surpass human abilities.

We feel the impact of this device in all areas of our lives: education, health care, media, communications, journalism, correspondence, administrative and financial work, laboratory and forensic tests, all kinds of trade as well as political and campaign contributions and so on.

Currently, this impact has reached such proportions that nobody can deny. Of course, that the use by the company of computer technology may be accompanied by various forms of illicit activities, ranging from theft of personal accounts, fraud with a credit card and ending with inciting wars of the fourth generation, causing internal problems in the country or between countries.

The expression “kibervoyska” has become a widely recognized and used in computer terminology. All this has led to a “virus-the extortioner” and armed robberies that happened a few days ago and has already become the key events in this region. In addition, it opened the door for the illegal use of the device or other unimaginable crimes.

Hackers or intelligence of a group can paralyze the activities of government agencies or other organizations by seizing their files and databases, or they were encoded, demanding for the return of large sums of money. Indeed, this robbery is not much different from how they kidnap people for their further redemption. This is a breakthrough in the field of cybercrime, and as a whole. The most dangerous point here is that it opens the door to more serious clashes in other areas.

We must remember that if the activity was legal or illegal, taking place through computer screens, would be described by any man who lived in the XIX or early XX century, it would immediately be considered crazy. But it all happens in real time.

Most people are convinced that we will be overwhelmed by future inventions, as even now are unable to imagine just. Experts on cybercrime have warned about a new large-scale attacks, and threat of digital sabotage operations that could provoke chaos and unrest in many countries in the near future. They will sell the stolen data to those who want to learn about these technologies.

Several countries have declared readiness to resist to these cruel attacks. In fact, the results of these electronic robberies will have catastrophic consequences, especially in light of the fact that some group of cyber criminals has indicated its intention to sell codes that can be used in order to penetrate into most computers, phones and programmes of the world.

In addition, previously undiscovered weaknesses, known as “zero day exploit”, can be used to attack Microsoft software. They also threaten to sell vast database of international money transfer network and the data about the nuclear missile programs of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.