Director Oliver stone: Putin wrongly understand

With Oliver Stone (Oliver Stone) is associated with many scandals, and his latest project about Russian President Vladimir Putin is no exception.

Honored Director believes that Mr. Putin has been misunderstood and that it established the image of the West is not true.
“It was conceived for political, ideological reasons,” he said on the 7.30 program on ABC.

“He is not a Communist, and his thinking is not Communist. He thinks like an educated person like a lawyer.”

Putin ‘liked’ stone


In this view, the stone came, talking with the Russian President in the course of work on four-part documentary film “Interview with Putin”.

They met when stone was filming his movie “Snowden”, is dedicated to whistleblower Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden) who fled the USA and is now living in Russia.

“Let’s just say he liked me and gave me respect,” explains stone.

“He agreed to give some interviews, and we filmed them for two years. A total of 25-30 hours of work records.”

Stone, arrived in Sydney for Vivid Ideas festivals and Semi Permanent, said that Mr. Putin was ready to talk on any topic.

“I teased him, angered, tried to put in a difficult position. I have dealt with all the questions he could,” says the Director.

“This man is very clearly explains what are the interests of Russia in the world, and I can tell you that they belong to neither imperialism nor the expansion, nor aggression, nor a return to the old days”.

In the film, Putin responds to allegations associated with cyber-attacks

During the interview, stone asked the President about sounding in Russia on charges of meddling in last year’s elections in the United States. The responses they received, however, he is in no hurry to share.

“He answered clearly. I asked him several times because this question is important for the West, and he answered very sensibly and cleverly. I can’t tell you what he said, see for yourself and draw your own conclusions,” stone said.

Previously, stone has publicly questioned the statements of U.S. intelligence about Russian hackers. What he thinks about them now?

“I never trusted American intelligence agencies. The CIA has always been murky office”, — he said.

“Remember the Iraq war? Then they, apparently, gave the President the politically charged data, proving the existence in this country of weapons of mass destruction. Time and again we see how the intelligence agencies — not only the CIA but also the NSA and the FBI admit huge mistakes, and we have to pay for it”.

Stone is afraid of the “nuclear nightmare”

However, the hardest stone to disturb the unstable relations between Russia and the United States.

“They worry me. I think that we, without realizing it, are moving to a nuclear nightmare,” he says.

“If you remember the story — the First world war, Second world war — it will become clear that the Russians are strong allies. We can go back to that — a strong Alliance with them we need”, says the Director. The world is now in a very dangerous situation, and terrorism is the one issue on which we agree with them”.

Trump is a “disaster”

Future US President Donald trump appeared in released in 2010 stone’s film “wall street: money never sleeps”. This is the sequel to his movie “wall street”. However, this scene was cut during installation.

“It is a pity that I didn’t use it, but the film was long, I needed to save time — and I turned it down, he recalls. If I could, I would have returned it”.

So how evaluates the Director Mr. trump as President?

“This is a disaster, he says. — It’s hard to say whether trump to resist, but, apparently, he is not one of those presidents who are able to plan and think about it.”

Stone made a few films about different US presidents — Kennedy, Nixon, George W. Bush, but to remove anything about trump, he is not going to.

“If we consider the history of the tramp as the story about the man who is absorbed in consumerism and strives for success at any cost, this is partly Recalling Nixon, and which goes to the polls readily exchanged what was left of his soul for the presidency, it could theoretically be interesting. I am not ready to work with such material, he says. — Wait a few years and see what happens.”