TOP 25 most unusual accident

In accidents there is no good — it’s always the damage costs health (at least nervous). However, there are a number of incidents that cause not only curiosity, but also a surprise. Cars on roofs, in pools and simply did not understand the provisions in the compilation of “Motor”. Fortunately, as a result of these accidents no one was hurt.

One of the latest weird crashes that occurred in March of this year in China. Crossover Honda CR-V was traveling at a speed of about 70 kilometers per hour, when on his way there to ride a tricycle. In an attempt to drive around the obstacle he hit the gas instead of the brakes, lost control and found myself on the roof.

And this incident happened in the UK, so that the driver, as befits a gentleman who apologized to the store owner for damages. And went for the tea party.

Service fedex works flawlessly – if you said that you would deliver the goods to the doorstep, you can be sure that exactly the way it is.

The winner in this situation went out the left scooter. But the F-150 seems still remembers the failed deal Ford and Ferrari and revenge in the style of the GT40.

According to the animated series “South Park” in Canada, only one road, so it’s amazing how this SUV was in the middle of the lake. Perhaps, again, the Navigator took the wrong way.

We suspect that this is the first footage from the shooting of the ninth “fast and Furious”. But this is not accurate.

But no, still “fast and furious”! Really, you guys again, and jump again on machines with high-rise buildings. But to break the machine on a concrete wall – Yes, it is level.

The tackle count! It is a pity that the front Santa Fe, not a Ford F-150 – then we could give the title a pickup master.

Hardworking, NEA also sometimes want to relax…

How to ship with chic? The usual gangway, deck Board – mainstream, but the white Honda Civic – this is the topic.

Don’t believe the hype Smart is not the only car that can puts across Parking spaces.

The accident rate this picture just rolls and discouraging. Not only us, but local police, which to disentangle this case.

It seems that the Korean from the movie “Taxi” moved to the States…

If the roof is located the stork is for wealth and luck. And if you settle pickup Dodge – at least to popularity.

And this stranger sat down on the roof of the house in 2009. In Newspapers it is not written, strangely enough.

The truck in the bedroom is something!

What are the chances that down the machine will descend on the oversight of the ladder? Maybe she miss her?

And journalists have complained that the PT Cruiser bad handling. But with the level of downforce full order!

Flattened tree “Nissan”.

In this battle the victory was won VTEC. Suggest the McLaren team to look at the engine under the hood of this Accord.

Well this offer is a sin not to use it. Explain – here it is written: “Area free from Parking tickets”.

Put the turbine on four bars. A little too much.

Really a surprise… Well, as a promotion for the institution – the course is excellent.

Not there and not here. Theoretically, to move from one Bank to another is still possible.

When the 3D at your favorite movie theater has reached a new level.