Trump is wrong, infringing the rights of transgender people in the army

President trump said that admission to the military service of transgender people will bring destabilization, who stand in the way of “convincing and crushing wins”, to which we must seek our armed forces. He, apparently, does not consider Americans-transgender people are able or worthy to protect its people. But he’s wrong. Thousands of Patriotic Americans-transgender people every day risk their lives for freedom of our country. We do this with 1700 years.

I know whereof I speak, because I’m one of them.

From the age of five, when I lived in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, I knew that you are a transgender. Just didn’t know what it’s called. From early childhood I thought I should wear younger sisters, and sometimes, when she alone in home, and received. After school, I joined the ranks of the national guard of Wisconsin and the local Sheriff’s Department in the hope that the structures in the male-dominated will help me to cope with the belief that I am a woman, not a man. This did not happen, but the better ideas I had, I was not aware of, did one of them about what was going on in my mind. And at the age of 25 years, I understand that you are not alone, when I read about Renee Richards, a professional tennis player, who had to plead with the Association of tennis USA for the right to play among women.

During his service in the army, I tried to suppress my true self. I knew that if the truth was revealed, I would be removed from my beloved job, which I, by the way, quite well. I served in the infantry of the U.S. army for 34 years and 10 months. As a captain I commanded legkotekuchim unit of 100 people and was, eventually, promoted to Colonel. Resigned, I, as head of the Department of human resources management and Affairs of LS of the army and the air force national guard of Wisconsin.

All this time I jealously kept their secret. Sometimes, very rarely, I spent a few hours — or days — his true self, locking in the room and dressing in women’s clothes. And then came the guilt, and I destroyed all evidence of his true identity, because he knew that this kind of behavior — not what you expect from a man.

I retired in 2004, but still felt the need to serve his country. I became the chief instructor at the school of management of the armed forces at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. While there, I finally decided to transform into a woman. It is time to live according to their own expectations and not rely on the opinions of others. When he returned six weeks later, I found out from my boss that the school my services were no longer needed, and I already found a replacement. For a Colonel of infantry, in the absence of any real explanations of such words were akin to a slap in the face. I was upset, but knew there is no way back — only many years later, President Barack Obama will sign a decree on the protection of Federal contractors from discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

I still loved his country and knew still have the opportunity to serve for the benefit of its security. In 2008 I got a new job — a civilian analyst at the army headquarters in the Pentagon. People think the Pentagon is a conservative structure, but for me getting there and the experience was extremely positive. I have distinguished abilities, who were brought to the work, analysis performed, and recommendations were given —and not gender. No one spoke or questioned who I was in another life.

And now trump has decided to cancel Obama decree on granting the Americans-transsexuals of the right to serve openly, and I can’t imagine what I feel in that regard, my fellow soldiers. I know tomorrow is transgender as always get up, put on a uniform and go defend their country, but would doubt whether the Supreme commander of the care of their legitimate interests. Transgender soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen demonstrated some of the best in its field. When these soldiers have the opportunity to serve in the military openly and all necessary medical care, you can completely focus on work. Resulting in increased rates of alert, as their own, and native units. When you are not living an authentic life, hiding his identity from colleagues, friends and family members, this brings up the inevitable confusion. I’m proud of my service and know that without leadership skills would never have reached the rank of Colonel in this extremely competitive military hierarchy. But I still sometimes think about how best officer I could be, if still in the army had the opportunity to be transformed and to serve, being itself.

People fear what they don’t know or understand. Much harder to hate and discriminate, with whose history is familiar. Maybe the President will listen to the stories of the brave men and women like me who proudly serve their country. In the army of paramount importance to the fulfillment of the task. And the performance of a task depends only on the character and abilities of the person. Gender identity is any role does not play. Sorry, that trump is not going to understand.


Sheri Swokowski — a retired army Colonel, served as head of the human resources management Department of the national guard of Wisconsin and the Forest service Rocky mountain region of the United States. Is the Vice-Chairman of the educational Foundation “Fair Wisconsin” and member of the Board of Directors of the American Union of civil liberties state of Wisconsin.