What if due to the cost of communal accumulated debts

“Due to the cost of services for two apartments (one is mine, I registered with my wife and the second daughter, but she’s overseas and not sent to the “communal” money) have allowed large debts. Is there any sanctions that threaten the debtors for the “communal”, and how you can avoid them, if the debt is already there and, unfortunately, accumulates?” — Vladimir Borysiuk, Kiev.

Meets Vadim Habibullin, the head of the Kyiv regional bar Association:

“If homeowners have accumulated debt for utilities, it is urgent to resolve the issue of repayment. The rise of “communal” occurs regularly, further aggravating the debts. In addition, the service provider has the ability to go to court when it deems that the debt service is too high and payments are not available, and to the decision of the court under the shortened procedure for collection of utility debts. After that, the service provider receives the status of a creditor of the lender and may apply to public or private Executive office for debt collection.

If you have the time, will not be able to pay the debt, will be solved the issue of banning travel abroad, and will automatically liens on the property, which is listed in the registry of the Ministry of justice (access to which will soon have a private executors), as the owner. The ability to dispose of the property will in this case illegal, and “barricade” at home you will not succeed. These structures will not hear how hard it is today to survive the family of the debtor, they will do their job.

So I would advise to solve a question with repayment of debts for utilities, finding a compromise with the suppliers. Namely, to repay at least some parts regularly, and if you have the opportunity to pay in installments. If the debt you already have accumulated, it makes sense just to start to gradually pay it until you started threatening lawsuits. If a provider is already warning you about future problems, it should not be ignored — need to demonstrate your understanding of the situation and a willingness to start to pay.”