What to feed a hyperactive child

American scientists have found that two-thirds of children with hyperactivity (to be precise, 74%) suffer from disorders of glucose metabolism. This means that sweet in the diet of a hyperactive child you need to minimize writes moirebenok.ua.

Hyperactive child’s behavior can be controlled, if we exclude from its diet of synthetic preservatives, colorings, flavorings, monosodium glutamate, chocolate, and caffeine. These data were obtained as a result of “experience” with the participation of preschool children with a diagnosis of “hyperactivity”. A month and a half of healthy eating significantly stabilized the behavior of the children.

By analyzing these data, scientists have come to the conclusion that hyperactivity in some cases can be considered as allergic to synthetic food. Exclude from the diet of the child, these products can greatly improve the child’s condition. Nutrition for hyperactivity should be as healthy.

The sudden burst of hyperactivity, spontaneous in the child the desire to run somewhere and something to do in this case arises not only after the great candy, but also as a reaction to a glass of fruit juice from the package. Because packaged juices contain a fairly large amount of sugar. And he pushes kids on hyperactive movement.

Another reason that stimulate the child’s hyperactivity — magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is important for the health of the nervous system element. Many adults know about it. But few people realize that magnesium deficiency can cause the child hyperactivity. This mineral is needed for restful sleep, and for normal glucose metabolism.

Magnesium deficiency usually occurs on the background of increased love superfood and foods with a high content of synthetic additives. And love to the treatment of any, even the most simple of the disease, with the help of medications. Especially strong wash magnesium out of the body antibiotics. Is your child hyperactive? To develop methods of treatment of cold methods of traditional medicine, do not rush to resort to medication.