What foods are good for potency

Potency is the ability of an organism to sexual intercourse. Today we will talk about those wholesome foods that increase male potency. Sometimes these products need to be used only for prevention and sometimes for treatment, says Lisa.

List of foods that increase male potency is quite varied that will help you every day to experiment with dishes for the favourite, improving and maintaining his health.


Oysters are rich in zinc which stimulates the production of sex hormones. Therefore, erectile properties will improve if your favorite will love these seafood, and will eat them raw.

Preferable fatty fish salmon, mackerel, and crayfish, which are full of omega-3 and omega-6, are actively involved in the synthesis of testosterone.


Eggs are rich in protein, and cholesterol that is so necessary to men. After all, he is actively involved in the construction of sex hormones. Therefore, the arithmetic is simple: the lower the cholesterol, the lower the level of testosterone. So, the morning omelet of two eggs will be of great benefit to your man.


Walnuts, and Brazilian nuts, cashews are a storehouse of vitamins for all the people, because in their composition there are a lot of vegetable protein and nutrients, so saturate the body, making it healthier.

For men nuts are useful because they greatly increase blood circulation, which have a great impact on their erectile function.

Recommended to mix nuts with honey and eat the mixture one teaspoon at night.

Garlic and onions

The onion and garlic, accelerate blood circulation in the male body, resulting in aktiviziruyutsya production of testosterone.

Also use when consuming garlic and onions is their anti-bacterial properties. This can help the man to cope with many bacterial diseases.

Celery and ginger

The benefit lies in the roots of these products. In celery has Androsterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for erection. And ginger contains useful substances that can be a preventive tool in the fight against prostatitis.