Echo “initial charge”: the business will be punished for failure to comply with the new rules

Entrepreneurs in Ukraine after raising minimum wage to RS 3200 have started to figure out how to evade the implementation of such kalinovskoj initiative and save on his subordinates. In addition, some “dealers” and even began to invent schemes to enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary citizens under the guise of new salaries, writes “Obozrevatel”.

Despite the fact that the business is trying to find loopholes, and to leave the decision on the new “minimal” only on paper, the government is more than determined. Thus, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman promised that he would fight that every working citizen of the country received no less 3200 USD.

“I appeal to all employers: dear friends, please value and respect their employees”, — said Groisman, noting that honest the private sector is ready to pay people a higher minimum wage and public sector funds for these purposes laid down in advance in full.

In addition, Groisman said that this initiative is not only aimed at providing citizens with a decent salary, but also on the solution of the problem of replenishment of reserves in the Pension Fund, which in the future will be key to the comfortable retirement of millions of workers are now Ukrainians.

The Prime Minister reminded that in Ukraine there are about 500 thousand pensioners who receive the minimum pension is 949 UAH due to the fact that previously, they were paid a salary “in envelopes”.

“Instead, the employer paid for the employee Pension Fund, he may have bought a slightly better car. Excuse me, I have to balance that in the first place it is necessary to supply the normal salary. I’m for that business received income, making money, but not due to the fact that employers will keep their employees in poverty. Raising the minimum wage twice — is justified by the decision in favor of the people of Ukraine”, — says Groisman.

Extremists will be punished

In order for entrepreneurs not started undercover games and to save on wages, the Cabinet was immediately provided for the introduction of significant sanctions against violators.

“I don’t want to punish anyone for it (non-payment of the minimal wage. — Ed.). Analytically we will see who has behaved incorrectly. The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of social policy is monitored and we will fight to ensure that people received their salaries,” warned Groisman, hoping that in a few months, the situation with labour remuneration in Ukraine is fully stabiliziruemost.

To contribute to this needs inter-departmental working group on ensuring of raising the minimum wage, who are already working in each area. The group comprises the Deputy heads of regional state administrations, representatives of local departments of education, health, culture, social sphere and territorial divisions of the Pension Fund, the State fiscal service, the Public service labour.

The main objective of these regulatory agencies is an instant response to any complaint regarding managers of enterprises that do not comply with the government’s decision on increase of the minimal wage. By the way, in order to issue a complaint, just call on a special government hotline number, 15-45, and then to the employer-the offender will blitzes.

On behalf of the Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko, Public service labor will soon finalize the procedure for conducting such inspections.

The official stressed that the document, among other things, will provide and mechanisms to prevent corrupt action on the part of inspectors of the State service of labour during inspections. “Checks may not become an instrument of pressure on conscientious business leaders, and a document to be presented at the next meeting of the government, must contain the preservatives from corruption on the part of inspectors,” — he said.

The Ukrainians haven’t even managed to pay the first of the new “minimal” and the city bus and intercity bus is full of ads “In connection with the new wages travel is expensive”. Carriers have started to put pressure on pity, they say, the money for repairs, fleet no, gasoline is not enough. However, for such unauthorized unexpected twists , the Cabinet has threatened the drivers with tough measures up to the deprivation of the license.

“Someone to increase the minimum salary up to 3200 UAH decided to build up a fortune and a sauce of raising the minimum wage began to raise prices. Particularly acute in this context, the question relates to the increase in the cost of urban and intercity passenger transport in taxis. I want to stress that raising the minimum wage is by no means a reason to raise prices,” — said Rozenko.

In connection with the situation he instructed the Ministry of Infrastructure and local authorities strictly monitor the actions of carriers and to prevent undue increase in the cost of transport.