How is Ramadan in Russia

Ramadan takes place once a year, but to strengthen the faith more from him than from many years. This month was sent the first verses of the Quran in the night of Power and Qadr, the reward of which is equal to one thousand months.

During the month of Ramadan is spent in fasting, which is associated with hunger, thirst and control your desires.

Russian Muslims, as the Muslims of the world, waiting for Ramadan impatiently. They consider it a valuable opportunity to strengthen the foundations of faith in your soul.

In Russia, more than 23 million Muslims perform rituals laid in the month of Ramadan, when visiting mosques, of which more than eight thousand to perform prayers and Dua.

In Moscow there are five main mosques, where all Islamic rituals, where every day sounds the adhan five times, and is service done only in the month of Ramadan.

Russian Muslims live in Muslim society and therefore has its impact on their lives, including various customs and traditions of the Muslim community in Russia and the rest of society, most of whose members are Orthodox Christians.

However, despite this, Muslims adhere to their religion and use the opportunity of the Holy month of Ramadan, to consolidate the foundations of their religion and culture in the hearts of the members of the Russian Muslim community.

Muslims in Russia

In Russia Islam came with conquest, and through trade cooperation and contacts of Muslims with the Russian.

In addition, the Islamic conquest of areas close to the borders of the current territory of the Russian state contributed to the spread of Islam. Islam was attended by representatives of tribes and ethnic groups that currently live in the republics of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Some of these republics are within the Russian Federation, for example, the Republic of Chechnya, while others enjoy their independence, such as Tajikistan.

The current situation of Muslims in Russia

In Russia there are many nationalities that are associated with Islam, for example, the Chechen or Dagestani peoples. Ramadan, the Muslim Holy month allows them to practice the ritual side of their religion. This in turn provides an atmosphere that helps many Muslims who belong to Islam only formally, return to the true religion.

The atmosphere of Ramadan also leads to the fact that some non-Muslims convert to Islam.

The basic rituals of Ramadan from the Russian begins to gather around the table during iftar, then go to prayer. In the major mosques during the month read the Quran, what makes the Ramadan holiday, which lasts for about thirty days.


© RIA Novosti, Artem Zhitenev | go to photobiannual pray in celebration of Eid al-Fitr at the Cathedral mosque on Prospekt Mira

Russian Muslims also tend to perform Salah Taraweeh. This act of worship is considered very important to unite Muslims. A Muslim performing Tarawih feels that he is part of the community, and it affirms the sense of religion and faith.

Among other practices to invite during iftar time experienced Quran reciters, which will give the lesson or the sermon that leaves a good impact on the guests, but also helps to attract non-religious guests to religion in General and adherence to Islamic teachings in particular.

Tables for iftar organized charities. Many Arab and Islamic countries are taking part in the creation of these tables through diplomatic missions that allow Russian Muslims to feel a deep connection between them and the other Nations of the Muslim world.

As for the Russian people and Russia as a whole, the period of the Ramadan is no different from the rest of the year. TV programs and radio broadcasts without respect to the feelings of Muslims during the fasting period continue to operate cafes and places that sell alcohol.

This indicates the nature of the Muslim problems in Russia are connected with the fact that the Russian Orthodox society considered another major part of the population. It requires Russian Muslims and the entire Islamic world action aimed at obtaining more rights for Muslims in Russia, both during Ramadan and the rest of the time.