Ukraine has drastically increased gas imports from Hungary

Ukraine increased imports of natural gas through the territory of Hungary to eight times, or 10.6 million cubic meters/day and 12,226 million cubic meters/day, according to “Ukrainian news”.

Average daily imports of gas via Hungary for the period from 1 to may 22 was $ 1,591 million cubic meters/day, from 23 to 26 may to 11,673 million cubic meters/day, as of may 27 — 12,226 million cubic meters/day.

Since the beginning of the month (for the period 1 to 27 may) to Ukraine via Hungary have been imported 93,922 million cubic meters of gas.

In January-March 2017 Ukraine imported 023,367 4 million cubic meters of natural gas in the amount 976,526 million dollars.

Recall that in 2016 Ukraine imported 904,577 10 million cubic meters of natural gas in the amount of 2 190,823 million dollars (average price — 200,91 dollars/thousand cubic metres).