Putin on Belarus behaves like a bear.

Lukashenko in the former Soviet Union can be called the most consistent ally of Putin. But if he opposes Putin, it means that everything is really not so good. However, the selected Lukashenka’s model of the bargaining between the EU and Russia, his attempts to show that he is principled and coherent, is unlikely to lead to any significant changes in Belarus ‘ foreign policy. This opinion of the site “24” stated associate Professor of NTUU KPI name Sikorski Eugene Magda.

According to him, Putin’s actions indicate that he is in his “Alliance” policy acts like a bear, no matter what. In addition, Putin has sought always their allies to keep on a short leash. Belarus plays the role of a Junior partner of Russia, regardless of what statements does Lukashenko.

“Lukashenko is showing greater independence, but without political and economic support from the EU and the USA it is more a Declaration of intentions than of real actions. Besides, we must not forget that the relative economic stability of Belarus is based on the supply of Russian resources, especially energy,” – says Magda.

At the same time, according to the expert, the Lukashenka’s statement is a signal to Kiev for the early appointment of a Ukrainian Ambassador in Belarus, which has not been there for more than a year. And that’s very bad for the development of bilateral relations.

We will remind, during a press conference on 3 February President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko sharply criticized the actions of the head of the FSB of Russia, which, as he said, “one stroke of the pen” crossed the interstate agreement between Belarus and the Russian Federation on the border.