The problem of dupontia and shawls in Russia

Visiting the Church in Rogozhskaya Sloboda, the abode of the traditionalist movement called “conservatives”, Putin put an end to the persecution, which lasted 350 years. In 1667, after suffering our Northern neighbour modernization occurred the schism between the Orthodox Christians. Since then, first the tsars and then the Communists, who likewise continued Westernization, regarded traditionalists enemies.

Putin in the old Church

Putin met the old believers arrived from different parts of the world. During the ceremony, the Russian leader of old believers Metropolitan Cornelius, said: “We wish the traditionalists back into the country and contributed to agriculture; we will give them land, they will revive it with their work and prayers.”

Another leader of the old believers Peter is an old man with a white beard down to the waist and a medallion on the chest, headdress, which was barely covering his long hair, showed it to the Church. On his feet he had boots, on waist — large belt. All this — and the beard and appearance is very important, because in the period of Peter I, who carried out reforms to bring Russia to the level of modern civilization, was levied a tax on beards.

Shawl mandatory

Today, the number of old believers in Russia, which have since been struggling to survive, has only a few million, while in 1905 there were 15 million. Sometimes this group of believers are likened to the Amish in the U.S., but conservatives live in a society, also watch TV and advise their supporters to avoid movies about violence.

According to the old believer tradition, women should walk with his head covered. They have the practice of wearing a headscarf, who kill under the chin with a pin. The dress closes feet to the ankles; furthermore, women do not wear the bag on his shoulder.

Other churches

Conservatives are different places of worship. Religious worship is performed by the light of the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, with many candles on it. Electric light not. There are no seats that can be found in modern churches. Compared to the corrupt churches of the terrorist organization FETÖ of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen) these churches are more like a mosque. Any items except carpets on the floor.

When making the sign of the cross, the believers put two fingers. However, the practice adopted today troeperstie. Troebortnoe addition that was gesture to the Serbian murderers during the war in Yugoslavia and the fascist Greek troops in Cyprus, symbolized in the Christian religion the concept of “Trinity” (Father, Son, Holy spirit). Conservatives insist on the need to use two fingers to reflect the dual nature of Jesus Christ.


Because of the two fingers of the addition of millions of people were excommunicated from the Church, hundreds of thousands of people were burned alive. When the Patriarch Nikon, a favorite of the king, led the reform, the Russians resisted them, taking them for Westernization and the attempt to destroy native religious identity. Reproduced in the painting by famous artist Surikov tyranny, which was subjected to the Boyarynya Morozova, a believer, a woman of noble birth, has become a symbol of this struggle.


© RIA Novosti, Sergey Guneev | go to Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the head of the Russian Orthodox old believers ‘ Church, Metropolitan Cornelius

Up to 1905 the tsarist government and the official Church ink and persecuted the old believers as “renegades” and sectarians. In Russian, the cleavage means “split”, a renegade “schismatic”. If those who read the book Dostoevsky’s “Crime and punishment”, you know it, they will understand why a writer who was a believer, gave his main character the name “Raskolnikov”. Although until 1917 drevlepravoslavnaya partly felt some relief, after the revolution, they are again faced with the pressure, as well as all religious groups.

Values Of Russia

According to religious leaders, the revival of the old believer belief means the resurrection of the spirit of Russia. Putin apparently understands this, too. In this form, should be made an even greater emphasis on national and local values of Russia in opposition to globalism. Putin believes that the community of old believers are scattered around the world, will benefit Russia.

Similarities in Russia and Turkey

In addition, the decision of this question Putin to a certain extent in ensuring peace in the country. Pay attention to the words of the Russian historian Kartashev: “… (Upgrade) split the soul of the people and darkened the national consciousness. Zealots of Holy Russia took her a beacon in the underground. And the new “enlightened” class, the loss of Church consciousness, succumbed to the charms of Western secular culture. Religious schism led to a split in the national consciousness. Were two Russian, one people, with the image of Holy Rus ‘ in the mind and heart, the other governmental, intelligent, non-national and non-religious. Peter I opposed the thesis of Holy Russia the antithesis of the secular state and secular education. Holy Russia was taken by surprise by this Latin invasion. Now came the enemy or competitor is much more powerful: the world’s secularization of European culture.”

We want a multipolar world

Kartashev wrote these lines in 1938. All references to Holy Russia in this fragment can be replaced by the Ottoman Empire, and the name of Peter I — Sultan Mahmud II, if you like, or anyone else. But the main problem is the destruction and gradual enslavement of ancient civilizations such as Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, under the influence of the cultural attacks of the world capitalist system. Now the ancient world again gets to his feet. A place of peace, which is imposed on one culture, and all wear uniforms must now take multipolar, multicultural, peaceful mosaic, in which no one is fueling the war in order to impose their culture. We see that it is not only our fight.