Trump in distant Europe

The US President Donald trump has been in sort of a political educational trip abroad. On Thursday, he got to Brussels, to this “rat hole” as trump called the city where the headquarters of the EU and NATO. The day before, trump has met with Pope Francis at the Vatican, according to trump, the meeting that made an indelible impression on him. “Awesome” and “the greatest honour which it was awarded,” he said later, and added: “I’m leaving the Vatican with a firmer determination than ever to fight for PEACE in our world.”

Did dad draw trump, the Apostle of peace or not, but in Brussels, the European leaders in big doubt about what they achieved from meetings with trump.

Trump showed ignorance of the specifics of the EU, and as if to further reinforce the confusion at his first meeting he had to deal with two presidents: Donald Tusk of the European Council and Jean-Claude Juncker of the European Commission. They agreed on issues such as the fight against terrorism and the Ukraine crisis; “it seems that we are on the same wavelength, said Tusk, which the EU called “the other Donald”. With the agreement on the climate and free trade is worse. And again: “I’m not 100% sure that we have the same point of view on Russia,” said Tusk. At the meeting in the extended format held then, trump met with the third President Antonio Tajani of the European Parliament and foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.

At the meeting with Tusk and Juncker trump allegedly complained again to the Germans, who sell cars in the United States, such leaked information. Previously, he praised the people of the EU, now he supposedly is concerned about, not how will this impact negatively on jobs in the United States. So in General the situation at the meetings in the EU was quite tense.

In the new building of the headquarters of NATO was also quite intense. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg had to smooth the corners and almost to speak on behalf of trump when the American President was silent. Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel unveiled a monument with part of the Berlin wall. “In order to find convincing answers for the future, it is useful to know what we have achieved in the past,” she said. When trump opened a fragment of the ruins of the twin towers in new York, then was attacked, for the first time led article 5 that “one for all and all for one” — he didn’t want to make it clear about the assurances of solidarity from the United States, though all hoped for this as well. But he promised “never to leave friends who were on our side.”

But then followed a serious scolding from the three Europeans who do not pay for their own defense. 23 of the 28 countries of the Alliance are not paid as much as promised, but they “still early owed large sums of money” raged he, and the Europeans looked at each other doubtfully. This is a known complaint with them were two former President of the United States. Now the military budgets will be checked annually.

When going to do a “family photo”, trump pushed the President of Montenegro (SIC — approx. ed.), Dusko Markovic to be on the foreground instead welcome the newest member of the Alliance.

It turns out that the world is not as simple as I thought trump. Europeans hardly will allow to push yourself to the side.