“I told Putin that the simultaneous development of an active democracy and a market economy — for Russia too”

Korpinen Pekka (Pekka Korpinen) says in his book “Finland turns West” (Suomi kääntyy länteen), he worked with colleagues from neighboring Russia.

“After the collapse of the USSR, I started to prepare changes in the status of cities with his counterpart Vladimir Putin, then Deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. The mayor of Helsinki, Rahkamo Kari (Kari Rahkamo) and the mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak has signed the agreement on the status of the twin cities in 1993,” reports Pekka Korpinen in his book.

“Sometimes, during meetings with Putin, we began to speak on wider topics concerning Russia. At that time in Russia was the experience of carrying out democratic reforms and introduction of market economy. Initially, this resulted in disorder and anarchy. Reasonable decisions on economic issues in Parliament and the municipalities to achieve was particularly hard. Putin was very upset this state of Affairs.”

Korpinen talks that followed very rapid economic development of China and Asia.

“I told Putin that the simultaneous active development of democracy and market economy can be for Russia too. Asian model in which the market economy combined with an authoritarian system of government would be the best solution. I was under the impression that Putin is very interested in what was happening in China.”