Valentin Reznichenko: More than 25 schools of Dnipropetrovsk dramatically rekonstruiruet

“In 2017 is the external reconstruction of the 25 schools. Next year we will carry out the reconstruction of these and other schools inside. We develop the concept of interior decoration schools, which is described in detail and visualized each item. This concept will be applied to each school for internal renovation,” said Reznichenko.

According to the Chairman yeah, in the classroom will be normal acoustics, the ability to set the projector, fabric blinds instead of curtains, tables, high wear resistance of HPL-panels, self-leveling floors and walls in the form of panels, on which you can write with a marker and hang any pictures and ads.

“We also plan to create color – navigation- each classroom depending on the subject get color. In such schools it will be simple but modern, openly and accurately,” said Reznichenko.

As previously stated, the Chairman of Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Valentyn Reznichenko, the growth of regional socio-economic indicators of Dnipropetrovsk is one of the real results of the decentralization process in the country.

“We are implementing the initiatives of President Petro Poroshenko on decentralization processes in the state, showing in specific cases the extent of the growth opportunities for local communities,” said Valentin Reznichenko.