Blockade of Donbass, state of emergency in the energy sector and cheap flights: figures of the week


13:00 15 Mar
blocked all road and rail routes to the line of differentiation on Donbass. The decision of the Council apply to the movement of goods in commercial quantities and not for humanitarian goods, as well as civilian vehicles. The ban will apply to the implementation of paragraphs 1-2 of the Minsk agreements of February 12, 2015, as well as to return under Ukrainian jurisdiction captured in DPR/LPR enterprises.

Sanctions for a period of 1 year
introduced by the decree of the President of Ukraine against Russian banks with state capital: the savings Bank, VS Bank, Prominvestbank, VTB Bank, BM Bank.

For 1 month
The Cabinet extended the emergency measures on the electricity market, which expired on March 18. This provision was introduced in response to the full termination of deliveries of anthracite coal with uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

3 963 people
in 2017 will be able to immigrate to Ukraine – such a quota established by the Cabinet. They include: close relatives of citizens of Ukraine – 1 187 persons; persons who were previously citizens of the country – 558 people; parents, superfi and minor children of immigrants – 2 223 people. For figures of science and culture, highly qualified specialists and workers whose immigration meets the interests of Ukraine and the persons who carried out foreign investment in the country’s economy in the amount of 100 thousand dollars, installed without immigration restrictions. In 2016, the total quota was 4 586.

600 million euros
the second tranche of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine approved by the European Commission. With this payment the total amount of macro-financial assistance the EU provides to Ukraine in 2014 will reach 2.81 billion euros, which is the largest volume of such aid, which the EU has allocated for the country, not member of the EU. The money was not a gift but a loan, but very easy.

11 routes
plans to open in October in Kyiv and Lviv in Europe, the European low-cost airline Ryanair. From Kiev want to fly to Eindhoven, London, Manchester and Stockholm. From Lviv to Berlin, Krakow, Wroclaw, Budapest, London, Eindhoven and Memmingen.

13 Mar
Ukraine has stopped gas extraction from the storage and start it in download mode 4.5 million cubic meters per day. In the vaults remained 8.2 billion cubic meters of gas.

$ 54 million
will be the amount of technical assistance for the implementation of reforms, agreed by Ukraine and the USA. The first Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of economic development and trade Stepan Kubiv said that the funds will be used in the energy sector in compliance with the rule of law and accountability of the government of Ukraine to citizens of the country.

For 5 product groups
as of March of the current year have already been used duty-free quotas on Ukrainian exports to the EU. As reported by the Ukrainian club of agrarian business, we are talking about natural honey, sugar, cereals and flour, grape and Apple juice and corn. In addition, almost fully used quotas on processed tomatoes (96%) and wheat (84%). The quota for poultry imports for the first quarter of the current year have been exhausted. A similar situation was last year.

Decreased by 1.1%
in annual terms, the number of cattle in Ukraine as of March 1, and the number of cows during this period decreased by 2.7%. The number of pigs declined by 7.5%, sheep and goats – by 0.2%, while poultry stock increased by 2.4%. The trend of reducing the number of animals saved.


About 12.5 billion dollars
will have to pay in the next three years Ukraine is to repay and service the debt. Including 2017, you still have to pay about 2.2 billion in 2018 from 4.1 billion in 2019. – 6.1 billion – according to data of the NBU.

Ukraine in January decreased consumption of natural gas per annum. According to the energy Ministry, the industry consumed 4.6% less, the population and budget organizations – 5.7%, CTV – by 11.4%, but production costs increased by 18.6%.

Is expected to decline by 15%
in April, steel production compared with the planned March, the decrease in the production of the total rental is 16.7%, pig iron by 21%. This forecast was made in Association of metallurgical enterprises “Ukrmetallurgprom” in the case of maintaining the existing at the moment the situation in the MMC. The decline of production in the Union is explained by the shutdown of several businesses in connection with the blockade of railway tracks in the direction of uncontrolled territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions

Has decreased on 1,2%
in February, the debt of Ukrainian banks to the NBU on loans refinancing. In January-February the volume of debts of banks before the regulator to refinance decreased by 5.2%.

Increased by 3.6%
the production of electricity in the United energy system of Ukraine in January-February in annual terms. Electricity production in 2016 decreased by 1.8%.

Photo: Pixabay

Grew by 3.4%
electricity consumption in January-February period, without taking into account technological losses. While the industry increased its consumption by 6%, which indirectly indicates the increase of production volumes. The population reduced consumption by 0.5%.

Grew 37.2%
in January-February exports of electricity in annual terms, said the Ministry of energy.

450 THD. MT
yellow corn went to Ukraine in March-may, the government of Kenya.The agriculture Ministry collects offers from companies ready to supply this product. In addition, as reported in the Association “Ukrtsukor” in 2017, Ukrainian sugar was first imported to côte d’ivoire (19.3 thousand tons) – and this was the highest figure of sugar exports in February this year.

The world

Up to 10% of global revenue
such penalty may impose the European Commission to “Gazprom” if it does not fulfil its obligation to settle the antitrust case, under which pledged to clean up in contracts all barriers to the free flow of gas to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, including its re-export to Ukraine.

7 billion dollars
made up the losses of the tourism industry of Egypt in 2016 in connection with the situation in the security sphere. In 2015, the losses were 9 billion this year, Egypt hopes to increase arrivals by 40%.

To 0.75 – 1%
The Federal reserve raised the base rate (of 0.5 – 0.75%), this year it is expected two more increases. These actions coincided with expectations of analysts. However, some American experts have criticized the regulator and believe that the economy is not yet ready for such drastic action, however, the fed is not going to change the policy.

Increased to 16.7%
the share of renewable sources in total energy consumption in 28 member States of the European Union in 2015 compared with 16.1% in 2014, according to data from Eurostat. In 2004, when this indicator was first calculated, it was 8.5%.
Sweden is a leader in the field of renewable energy – for 53.9% of consumption in 2015 are Lagging behind Luxembourg and Malta, where only 5%.