How much it costs to put a kid to the prom

Feast of farewell to school is getting closer, and that means that young Ukrainian women and the Ukrainians have more to decide on the prom outfit. Since clothing from boutiques are very expensive, more and more seniors are looking for a festive “outfit” on the Internet. According to analysts online store over the past two years, the demand for evening dresses in the network grew by 74%, in Ukraine — 87%, jewelry — by 79%.

NATIVE FASHION. This year, the average total check for girls is 2570 UAH, for guys — 2841 UAH. The most expensive item prom attire for girls will be dress shoes (average 755 UAH), and for boys — suit (about 1240 UAH). Experts note that, in contrast to evening dresses, men’s suits online this year buy less, although white shirt and remains the leader of the most popular search queries. Very popular this year are dresses of Ukrainian origin. Only in the first five months of 2017 from 15 thousand orders 11 thousand fell on the share of Ukrainian companies. This is attributed to the fact that our products are much cheaper than imported, and their quality is not inferior to European outfits. Among the decorations in 2017 most popular handmade products. This was said by the staff of the resource “The number of orders more accessories are in the second place,” said they, and the master — Creator of jewelry Lily selyutina said: “Girls always want to look unique, and so many people want to obtain custom-made for her product in a single copy”.

CHILDREN’S RELEASE. Popular now and graduation in elementary school after the fourth grade. Therefore, the outfits for the children’s graduation is also in high demand. Analysts online store calculated that festive clothing for babies is 2-3 times cheaper than adult graduates. Average check of outfit for girls (dress, sandals, jewelry) will be approximately 1027 UAH, and for a boy (pants, shirt, sandals) is approximately 887 UAH.