The collision of two “populismo”

On the eve of social networks, many joked about the pictures of Pope Francis near the trump and his ladies, his wife and daughter, dressed in the style of the Addams family. Trump rocks and Bergoglio, it seemed, wanted to be them somewhere else.

In addition to the darkest expression, Francis prepodnesenny not his “book about the environment” as some generalizing, but just an Encyclical “Praise You” (Laudato Si’) containing the complete opposite of what he says and does Donald trump.

Don’t know if you read ever this Encyclical can be found online for free, but it is based on the most transparent, clear and radical Manifesto against economic paradigm based on exploitation of natural resources, fossil fuels, the excess waste and — attention — too the big gap in society.

In this Encyclical the Pope do after every seven lines tells us that between these two phenomena — exploitation of the planet and social inequality are closely linked, not only philosophical, but also practical, political, everyday.

Bergoglio in fact argues that the world has always been two opposing concepts of relationship with nature. One is based on the idea that nature serves man, who thus has every right to use it as he pleases; the second concept is based on the belief that humanity must protect nature and care for it, as it itself is a part of it.

The Pope adds that the modern dialectic is embodied in the clash between existing capitalism and other economic, environmental and social relations, in which the ecology of the planet also involves the social environment: modern capitalism created a system in which the planet is continually exploited, then only a small part of mankind enjoys the wealth produced in this type of development.

Trump is not read the text that was presented to him by Bergoglio, because the text is longer than a Twitter message.

However, if, as some claim, the previous day in Rome really was found “the two leaders of the populist”, in this case, it is clear that not all forms of populism are the same.