How to save on household expenses – tips presenter Hopes Matveeva

Despite the gradual recovery after the crisis, Ukrainians continue to seek opportunities to conserve and optimize the family budget. However, to effectively reduce costs is not always possible – then you can not only lower the standard of living, but also to overpay.

How to review household expenses to spend less and get more? The campaign, “the Economy, choosing a quality” Procter & Gamble has demonstrated that a smart economy is a rational approach to spending and optimal ratio of price and quality. Ambassador of the campaign, the famous host of the program “All will be good” Nadezhda Matveyeva shared their tips for saving on household chores for Housewives.

Why do You think the theme of reasonable economy remains important for Ukrainian mistresses and masters?

Many families quite difficult now to meet the budget to have enough for everything you need, and even the entertainment remained. That’s why we are committed to reasonable cost. But this does not mean to deny yourself all! It is a way to choose from the offered goods such options, to at a moderate price did not suffer quality. Every woman is proud of himself, feeling his ability to properly and efficiently run the household, and a reasonable savings this helps.

Among Ukrainian women – you are the authority in matters of homemaking. What you mean “save rationally”?

For me the rational approach is to choose the necessary products and items for farming is not on the principle of “buy the most expensive or the cheapest”. I believe that we should be guided by knowledge of the quality of the goods, understanding that the price it fully meets. There’s a cliché that the avaricious pays twice. This is partly about a rational economy.

I suggest to prevent unnecessary spending on farming, but don’t deny yourself and your family available as. Reasonable economy helps to maintain and improve the quality of life. In the program “All will be good” on STB we help Housewives to pay attention to all the possible ways to reasonable economy: the allocation of responsibilities in the family to choosing the right products to prepare the best homemade menu. I think it is important to understand that domestic saving is a common cause. Perhaps women are the best at this stuff, but support is needed from all family members.

What are the main principles of economy, without which no idea of their domestic chores.

For me the key are the three principles. First, you need to monitor the consumption of water, gas, electricity, realizing how to reduce these costs. Secondly, make a list in advance, for the consumption of the that is home. And third, watch out for special offers in shops where to buy food and household items.

Each housewife has its own secrets, but what unites absolutely all good Housewives?

Every good hostess knows how to plan and save. It allocates responsibilities in the family to receive assistance. And yet – with pleasure rests from household chores with her family.