How fast to lose weight and not lose breast: tips fitness trainer

Weight loss – the process is unpredictable: lose weight whole body – well, along with the reduced chest – not very good.

Many girls are afraid to lose weight, believing that together with excess weight lose the chest. Fears are really unfounded, but there are ways to become slim, without losing the seductive forms, reports “New time”.

Fitness coach Tatiana Godard recommends that you choose the right foods and doing the necessary exercises.

Why we lose chest

The breast is removed along with the weight, because fat is an integral part of a woman’s Breasts. Nature has taken care to preserve it from injury, temperature changes, and also for nursing.

Breast size, by the way, is not an indicator of fat content in the body, it is usually purely a genetic factor. In addition to fat, the breast includes glandular tissue. Someone more glandular, someone fat.

For weight loss lost fat tissue, and if it is initially many, the breast is really saggy. And if more of ferrous, then it will lose in volume and looks very attractive.

For the beauty of the breast, its shape and the tone of the answer and the so-called Cooper’s ligaments — the connective tissue, penetrating the breast from the inside. It is because of stretching ligaments superovyh chest “drops” in the process of losing weight or with age. Accordingly, at-risk girls with curvaceous. Although ligaments are elastic, they are easily deformed in the process of running. This should be considered when drawing up training programs.

Risk to lose weight and lose the chest higher with age: menopause increases the volume of fat tissue in the body, including the chest.

Food for breast

To preserve the beauty of the breast and to lose weight, you cannot use the fast diet: they have an extremely negative impact on the health of connective tissues, each time making them more flabby. As a result, even at a low weight visible stretch marks and loss of shape.

The ideal way is the correct balanced nutrition, made individually for you, which will provide gradual, but permanent weight loss and you will be like. So the body gets all essential nutrients, in particular, to preserve the elastic chest, and you will have enough strength for sports.

Even if nishiiwai diet in the diet must be polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and Flaxseed oil. This will help to maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The approximate ratio diet: 30% protein, 15% fat and 55% healthy carbs (vegetables, fruits, greens, whole grain products, cereals).

Breast augmentation promote foods that contain phytoestrogens are: flax seed, oats, lentils, barley, rice, nuts and sunflower seeds, beans, green peas, cabbage, pomegranate, apples, carrots and others.

For breast conservation should drink at least two liters of pure water per day (coffee, tea and other beverages don’t count). This is important for the metabolism, lymphatic drainage and fresh looking skin.


When losing weight, the training program need to include proper exercise for the chest. It is, first of all, wide pushups, during which it is important to position the hands slightly wider than shoulder level. It is advisable to do push-UPS from different levels of surface: floors, counters, walls. So you engage different muscle groups supporting the Breasts.

Perfect effect gives a simple exercise of “prayer”. Bring your hands in front of chest as if in prayer, and then we hit them with such force that the chest muscles quite tense. Count to ten and move the hand inches forward again, count to ten, then again forward and again count to 10, as long as I can keep the palm together. After that, shake hands and two more times repeat the exercise. The focus should be not on the palm, and on the chest: chest muscles should always be stretched to the maximum.

Bench press give the chest muscles the largest load. Lie on a bench or on the floor, in the hands of dumbbells, arms at the breast. Tighten your chest and raise the dumbbells straight up, lower and immediately lift again.

Wiring with dumbbells strengthens and increases the muscles, gives the breast a beautiful form. Standing position, slightly bend your knees, give the body forward, hands straight down. On the inhale, raise your slightly bent arms so that your forearms are parallel to the floor, but his fists looked forward.

Pullover — too classic for breast. Starting position – shoulders lie on the bench with legs wide apart, feet resting on the floor. In the hands — dumbbells (or one heavy dumbbell, then hold it with two hands), straight arms, stretched upwards. On the inhale get crawfish straight for the head as much as possible. With elbows slightly bent. Then again, return to the starting position.

This is a basic exercise for chest, so while you are losing weight and not only keep it in great shape.

During sports be sure to wear a qualitatively locking chest special bra that matched in size (the chest should not be flattened).

Pay attention to your posture: hold smooth back flatters your figure and trains the muscles that support your Breasts.

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