The rise of the generals

Did the President, Donald trump gave a foreign policy left to the generals?

It seems that way. Candidate trump reached out to Vladimir Putin. He refused further American intervention in Syria, saying that we should limit ourselves to defeat ISIS (banned organization in Russia — approx. TRANS.).

He said that it is necessary to refuse and not to get stuck in an ill-conceived middle Eastern war, in which President Bush II and Obama dragged the country.

The fact that trump, as President, in the first 100 days of his leadership refused antiinterventionist foreign policy, was a great surprise. This is a very ominous sign. The thing is that a new war may revoke his mandate of power and to exhaust his presidential political capital.

Trump never called NATO an outdated organization, but moving American troops to Russia, placing them in the Baltic States and Eastern Balkans. A decorated Rex Tillerson, was awarded the Russian order of Friendship, today warns that the United States will not lift sanctions against Russia until it gets out of Ukraine.

If Tillerson’s not bluffing, no reconciliation during the rule of trump is not. The fact that neither Putin nor his successor, whoever he was, will not give up Crimea, because it is fraught with political death.

What happened with the trump sample 2016?

When the claims of Kiev to the Crimea became more important to us than relationships with nuclear power Russia? In 1991, Bush I and Secretary of state James Baker believed that the idea of Ukrainian independence is a product of “suicidal nationalism.”

What will the demonization of Putin and the stigma that we put Russia?

To XI Jinping helped us to resolve the North Korean issue, trump has quashed talk of friendship with Taiwan disavowed the requirements Tillerson to Beijing to leave them equipped reefs in the South China sea, and Beijing has promised major concessions in future trade deals.

“I like [XI], and I think that he also feels sympathy for me,” said this week trump. Remember, as Franklin Roosevelt said to Churchill: “I think I will personally handle Stalin… much better than your foreign Office…. Stalin hates the hell out of all your people. He likes me more.”

Roosevelt did not live to see the time when Stalin put him a complete idiot.

To the glorious achievements of the trump in the first 100 days of the presidency include the impact 59 cruise missiles on the Syrian airfield, from which were allegedly carried out a gas attack against the civilian population, and 10-ton mother of all bombs dropped in Afghanistan.

And what he has done to these bombings?

The war party again goes uphill. John McCain and Lindsey Graham prevail. The us commander in Afghanistan requires to send him a few thousand troops to help there are a group of 8,500 people to strengthen the Afghan regime and the army, which is constantly retreating under the pressure of the Taliban.

Iran again came to the fore. Tillerson acknowledges that Iran fulfills all the conditions concluded in 2015 the nuclear deal, but trump claims that it violates “the spirit of the agreement”.

How so? Tillerson spoke that Iran “destabilizie” region and threaten American interests in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.

But Iran ally Syria and called for help recognized by the UN, the government is trying to suppress the rebellion, which involved elements of “al Qaeda” (banned in Russia organization — approx. TRANS.) and LIH. And we, the Turks, the Saudis and Arabs from the Gulf countries support the rebels seeking to overthrow the Syrian regime.

In Yemen, Houthi rebels overthrew and expelled the Saudi Satrap. And the bombing, the blockade and the military intervention they carry the Saudis and the Sunni Arabs, with the assistance of the Navy and the U.S. air force.

The Saudis are talking about how to close the Yemeni port of hodeida, which can lead to mass starvation.

Not Iran, but the United States invaded Iraq, overthrew the government in Baghdad and occupied the country. Not Iran overthrew Colonel Gaddafi and created a disaster in Libya.

On Monday the American destroyer “Mahan” fired flares to ward off Iranian patrol boat, who was on his 1 000 metres. Supposedly it was a provocation. But the Iranian foreign Minister was absolutely right when he tweeted:

Sensation. Our fleet operates — Yes, that’s right — in the Persian Gulf. Not Mexican. The question is, what do the U.S. Navy, 7,500 miles from home.

Who is behind this apparent transformation of the tramp at the hawk?

Generals, Bibi Netanyahu, the neocons, the hawks of Congress with the worldview of the cold war, the Saudi Royal family and the Arabs from the Persian Gulf. They are winning the battle for the mind of the President.

And what are their views of America?

According to them, we must recognize that our real enemy in the middle East is not “al-Qaeda” and ISIS, and Shiite Iran, Hezbollah, Assad Syria and its patron Putin. And until it is destroyed Hezbollah until it is smashed Iran as we did with Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen until Assad goes, there is no prosperity in the middle East democracy to which we all aspire not to be.

But before the President trump will go on the path charted by the generals, he must find out, did any of those brave and Patriotic people against idiotic wars of the last 15 years, starting with our greatest strategic miscalculation — the invasion by George Bush in Iraq.

Patrick Buchanan is the founder and chief editor of the American Conservative, author of the book “the Greatest comeback: how Richard Nixon recovered from his defeat and created a New majority” (The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority).