How to choose sunscreen

When buying sunscreen, first and foremost, you need to carefully consider the label, which must be specified SP Fкрема and information on protection from And or spectra, ultraviolet radiation, writes

Broad spectrum protection means that the cream protects from both ultraviolet rays type A and b-rays. UVA contribute to premature aging of the skin, development of age spots and even the emergence of malignant neoplasms. The UV rays In the spectrum cause reddening of the skin, sunburn and a sun Allergy.

The cream with some SPF to choose for your skin?

When selecting a sunscreen with a particular SPF number, you must start from your phototype and age. Children, adolescents and the elderly needs to use creams and lotions with the highest level of protection because this category of people the production of melanin is very slow.

Initially, dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with a high protection factor (SPF index of 50). After the skin starts to get used to the sun, you can use a less powerful tool, but SPF must not be below 15.

In order to understand how SPFдолжен to have your sunscreen, you need to determine the skin phototype:

Phototype 1. After 10 minutes of exposure to the sun the skin of such people becomes red. As a rule, light skin, often with freckles. These people are usually bright hair. Such people sunbathing is contraindicated, and sunscreen should be SPF 50.

Phototype 2. People with increased sensitivity to bright sun. Such people have a hair light, eyes hazel or gray. After sun exposure the skin becomes red, but after a few days, the color usually changes to a Golden-brownish tint. People with this phototype have to use creams with a protection factor of 20-30 units.

Phototype 3. Such people have quite dark hair, brown or brownish-green eyes, and the skin even in the winter time is a little salloway shade. For such people fit a sunscreen with an index of 15-20.

Phototypes 4-6. People with originally darker skin who almost never burn in the sun. In this case it will be sufficient minimum protection.

Sunscreen for face and body

Typically, the cream contains additional ingredients that provide additional skin protection from aging. In addition, these creams can contain special light-reflecting pigments to give the visual effect of radiant skin.

For the face, dermatologists suggest using a cream with a high SPF (30 to 50), thin as the skin of the face needs better protection from ultra-violet radiation.

At the same time, a good sunscreen with high SPF index, and reliable protection from UV rays As spectrum suitable for application to the body and face.

What manufacturers prefer?

All manufacturers who comply with the necessary regulatory requirements, it is trustworthy by consumers.

The most stringent requirements for manufactured products in the EU, Australia and Japan. Sunscreens manufactured in these countries, it is possible to buy safely.

Keep in mind that creams with high SPF levels will be more expensive, since the production of such funds apply a large amount of sunscreen.

Pharmacy or store?

It argued that remedies sold in drugstores, safer and more efficient. Actually, this is not necessarily so. It all depends on your preferences.