Snowfalls in summer and heat in winter: TOP 9 weather anomalies in Ukraine

May-2020 was the coldest in the XXI century

The late spring and early summer this year gave two new weather anomalies. First, on Saturday, may 30, the fallen amount of precipitation in Kiev broke a 130-year record of observations. Secondly, in may this year was the coldest in the XXI century. But do not think that nature has gone mad. 150 years of observations climate observations in Ukraine there have been many anomalies – and snowfalls in the summer and heat in winter.

For example, in February 1990, in the river (then Dnepropetrovsk) outside the window kept the temperature of +19 °C. As written in the local media, at the end of the month gardeners have even planted potatoes and this, to put it mildly, an early harvest is not frozen. But in 1917 was the coldest may: 22 may 1917 at night, the temperature dropped to -1.7 °C. This was the late frost in all years of observations.

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May 2020