Lee will divide Libya into three regions in accordance with the US project?

In Libya, tensions between the conflicting parties because of the publications of the international and local media about a possible division of Libya into small regional States, as it was before 1963.

Return to the three wilayatul the Ottoman Empire

The British newspaper the Guardian has published a map of Libya, when it was divided into three States that existed prior to April 26, 1963: Tripolitania in the West, Cyrenaica in the East, Fezzan in the South. These formations repeated the borders of three provinces of the Ottoman Empire.

The Guardian reports that one of the younger advisers to the President of the United States national security Sebastian Gorka (Sebastian Gorka) shortly before the inauguration of Donald trump on the post of the President of the United States proposed to divide Libya into three States, I draw a conditional scheme of this project at a meeting with senior European diplomat. It is known that Sebastian Gorka is committed to the post of special envoy of the President of the United States in Libya.

Sebastian Gorka became a full American citizen in 2012 alone, being in a good relationship with the senior adviser to the President on policy and strategic issues and right-wing extremist Stephen Bannon, who was recently dismissed from the post of member of the Council for national security of the United States. In addition, Hill is suspected of having links with the Hungarian far-right party “Order of knights”. She is accused of anti-Semitism, collaboration with the Nazis and complicity in the massacre of Jews in Hungary during the Second world war. The members of such organizations are not entitled to U.S. citizenship.

Sebastian Gorka has lived in Hungary from 1992 to 2008 and was consultant to the Ministry of defence, and then became a member of the team of Donald trump.

Currently, neither the White house nor the President trump has not commented on this post. Apparently, the current us administration has not defined his vision of the situation regarding Libya, unlike the former President Barack Obama, who supported the joint government of Libya. In 2016, Obama acknowledged that the resolution on Libya was the “worst mistake of his administration”.

Obama said that the United States and NATO were against Muammar Gaddafi to protect civilians during the 2011 uprising, but the mistake of his administration is the lack of preparation to the day after the fall of Gaddafi that pushed the country into full scale civil war.

USA is responsible for the lack of control over the situation in the country, but the biggest mistake, according to ex-US President, is “the absence of a plan of action after the overthrow of the ruling regime”. It remains unclear Libya is to have any meaning for the new U.S. President Donald trump.

The Failure Of Italy

The new Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy Angelino Alfano rejected the idea of partitioning Libya, stressing the necessity of uniting efforts of the international community to preserve the unity of the Libyan government and people. In addition, Alfano said that this should be done in the framework of the peace process, agreed with the Libyans, and adopted under the auspices of the UN agreements in the Moroccan city of Skhirat in December 2015.

According to the Italian Minister, any division of Libya is a serious threat to Italy. He believes that it will cause serious damage to the interests of Italy and increase the level of tension in the Mediterranean country, which is an important transit point for migrants arriving in Italy by sea. After the fall of the Gaddafi regime in February 2011, Libya became one of the main “exporters” of illegal immigrants and militants in the Mediterranean.

Despite the fact that it’s been more than a year after signing Sheratsky agreements, they are not yet implemented. Libya is controlled by three governments: two in Tripoli (reconciliation and salvation (the Government of national unity under the leadership of Faiz Caraga and the Government of national salvation Khalifa al-Quali — approx. ed.) and the third (temporary) in al-Bayda (East) (formed by the House of representatives in Tobruk — approx. ed.). In addition, retired General Khalifa Haftar controls most of the territory in Cyrenaica, while the forces of Misurata controlled part of the territory in Tripoli and Fezzani.

Not for the first time

The proposal to divide Libya into three States is not new. Similar initiatives were launched in the years since the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. The US state Department published a letter from former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton sent her assistant Jake Sullivan in March 2012, which reported on the intention of the French and British intelligence to divide Libya.

In addition, from this correspondence it becomes clear that Britain and France support the division of Libya. The staff of the French intelligence service (DGSE) and the British (MI6) carried out an extensive work in Libya to encourage the Eastern tribes and civil society activists to advance the “soft” requirements on the independence of the Tripoli government.

The information contained in letters received from sources located in direct contact with the National Council of Libya, senior officials from Western governments, the organization “Muslim Brothers” in Egypt and Western intelligence. Is the division of Libya was drafted on the initiative of the adviser of the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, after complaints by French entrepreneurs in the new government, which, in their opinion, protect their commercial interests.

Western countries and some Arab States led by Egypt are interested in Libyan oil and try to get it under control. Libya, whose oil reserves are the largest on the African continent, ranks ninth among the ten countries with the largest proven oil reserves in the world. According to experts, Libya’s oil reserves constitute about 46.4 billion barrels which is enough for 77 years while maintaining the current rate of production.